How To Make Your Business Appear More Professional To Consumers

Everyone knows that the business world is often a cutthroat environment. No matter what your chosen concept might involve, there are always going to be competitors who aim to capitalise on any mistakes you make. Considering that, you’ll want to ensure your brand looks as professional as possible to consumers. That is the best way […]

Health And Safety Gone Mad? Why Business Are Taking it More And More Seriously

Source It’s likely you’ve heard the phrase “health and safety gone mad” more than once. But has it really gone too far? More and more businesses have started to take health and safety seriously. Startup companies have even found themselves in financial trouble when they are not covered for employee and public liability. You as […]

Why Does External IT Support Beat an In-House Team?

As a business owner, you need your IT systems to be functioning as well as possible. That means either employing onsite support, or seeking an external provider. There are benefits to each, but external support is clearly the future.

9 Reasons To Attend Your First Trade Show

Trade shows, exhibitions and conferences are fantastic places to meet the most relevant minds in your industry. If you’re not sure about attending, read on to find out why you should be present at these events. Source Meet Influencers At these types of events, you can be assured that key influencers will be in attendance. […]

Why poor recruitment will affect staff morale and their productivity

There is a saying from many moons ago that warns the consumer “buy cheap, buy twice”. The ethos behind the saying rings true when it comes to recruitment, not that we suggest businesses ‘buy’ their new staff! Rather, the ethos that making a poor recruiting decision – rushed and ill thought through, with a weal […]

5 Most Common Reasons Startups Fail to Expand Internationally

For many businesses that are going through rough times at home, the only way out seems the international expansion. Their motives are the wave of globalization and the idea of huge virgin markets of consumers and business partners that can be found overseas. Still, many companies will make the same mistake and go the same […]

What You Need to Know When Moving to London

The City of London is a beautiful place to behold. Bright lights are everywhere, historical locations are in abundance, and there is probably going to be a song suitable for every single city you visit.

6 Ways to Improve Your Online Presence

No business can afford to neglect the importance of its online presence if it wants to excel in its sector. Don’t worry though, having a strong online presence needn’t be hard work. Just read these 6 tips. Don’t Hide Important Information If someone visiting your website wants to find your contact details or a link […]

5 Great Reasons Getting A Law Conversion Will Help Boost Your Career

After you have completed a bachelor’s degree, you might be wondering what happens next. Of course, you want to head on out to the world of work as soon as you can but are you ready? These days, it seems as though everybody has a degree, which makes finding a job super hard. You might […]

6 Interesting Career Paths You Might Not Have Considered

There are so many interesting jobs out there waiting for people to fill them. But a lot of us don’t even realise what we could be doing. We stick to the boring, run of the mill career paths that everyone knows about. What career you do will impact on your overall happiness in life, that’s […]