The Introspective Self-Discussion about Securing Your Future

For many young professionals the need to have an introspective discussion about securing their future doesn’t really arise, but rather makes for something that pretty much takes care of itself. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in a good position within a career that has some great growth potential, a secure future is something which is inherently made provision for by your employer, for the most part.

For example, a certain amount of money is automatically deducted from your monthly or weekly salary, to be channelled into your pension fund and so you don’t have to worry about that sort of thing. All you worry about is doing a good job at work and holding onto your position, hopefully rising through the ranks so that you can earn even more money and perhaps even enjoy a greater mental challenge in your career.

You probably have a company-subsidised subscription to a good healthcare plan as well, so as far as that goes you don’t need to worry either.

Spare a thought for those whose responsibility to secure their futures falls squarely on them though, like self-employed individuals, freelancers, businesspersons and entrepreneurs. We are of course talking finances, mainly, in reference to securing your future – just in case that might not be clear…

At some point in the otherwise largely carefree life of someone like a remote-working freelancer, thoughts of how it might be time to secure your financial future may come as somewhat of a scare as you realise that you’re perhaps just one or two big mishaps away from falling into the type of financial ruin that could really set you back a long, long time, let alone entertain the prospect of securing your future.

The blueprint is straight-forward, but hopefully it’s one which you discover yourself, because then you will have a full understanding of what’s important as part of starting on the road to a secure future.

It all starts with formulating a clear vision for where you want to be by a certain age in your life with regards to the affordability of the lifestyle you see yourself living. Basically living your best life should take nothing away from a growing pot of savings, but at the same time you should be able to afford living as comfortably as you wish to live, within reason of course.

Now, with this ultimate vision in mind you’ll have to make some lifestyle choices and subsequent changes, if needs be, to your current life as an investment in your future self. It could be something as seemingly small and insignificant as making the active effort to quit smoking so that you have some extra money (and all the additional benefits, such as a fitter, more productive body), to perhaps something like up-skilling by studying further so that your earning potential gets a near instant boost.

Think about it this way – with each passing day, your ability to put your body through its paces by way of pulling all-nighters and the likes deteriorates, so some smart investments in your time and money have to be made, right now.

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