10 Top Tips to Get a Warehouse Job

Technology is moving forward which is why career paths are changing so rapidly. However, there is one area of work that remains, regardless of progression. Warehousing will always be necessary and it has become especially important with the Ecommerce boom that has happened over the past 10 years. The roles in warehousing may change with the introduction of AI and robotic technology, but the organisation aspect will remain the same therefore intellect from a worker will always be required.

There is genuine opportunity to thrive in warehousing and logistics. Each type of business would require a different skill set when it comes to warehousing, but the fundamentals remain the same. By this, it is meant that you may require a specific licence or qualification for certain environments including health and safety at work and lift training, but overall, if you have the get up and go and desire to learn you should be able to fit into a warehouse role.

This article has been written to help you understand several factors that can help you standout when apply for warehouse work. It is useful for entry level candidates but the information provided can also be used to help regardless of the stage of your career you are at. So, if you have just finished school and are looking for your first job or have spent 15 years as a lorry driver and want to get off the road, each point can be applied to you.

Stay Physically Fit and Healthy

Warehouse jobs are demanding – even if you use machinery to lift heavy equipment. By staying fit and healthy you will demonstrate that you have the physical capabilities to handle a full working shift without causing any delays because of a lack of fitness. Whereas other jobs may have more downtime where you are on your feet less, warehouse jobs will have you working standing up throughout the day. This can become tiring on your feet, but if you remain fit and healthy and can demonstrate this to the employer you will have a strong chance of being accepted for the job.

Work on Your Attention to Detail

One area that is very important in warehousing is attention to detail. If you make spelling mistakes on your CV, the hiring manager will see this! If you make a simple mistake like this on your own CV, it is going to be hard to trust that you can pick, pack, and send items to the right destination. By showcasing your attention to detail, you will have a greater chance of moving into the role. As well as demonstrating this on your CV, you can show this through subtle displays in the interview stage by acknowledging facts and information that you have read on the company’s website.

Look towards the SMB Market

When people think about warehouse jobs, they instantly mention big companies with a national presence and forget that many companies that sell require storage space. If you are new to warehousing, it is a good idea to look towards smaller businesses. The wages might be a little less, but it is a great place to start to gain experience. Overtime, your knowledge of the job will grow which will give you what you need to progress.

Gain Warehouse Relevant Qualifications

If you are looking to take a warehouse career seriously you will want to start collecting warehouse qualifications to give yourself a better chance of moving forward. A great way to stand out is to have the necessary licence to drive material handling equipment. There are several companies that deal in material handling. For instance, firms like DMW&H are known to offer both consultation and Material Handling Solutions to those in need. So, it might be possible for you to search for a vacant position in their organisation (perhaps get in touch with them by checking out their website). Remember that you can earn handsomely with this job! Moreover, it can prove to be quite profitable for your career.

That said, a great place to start is a 3 wheel forklift. These are very popular in warehouse environments because they have smaller turning circles meaning they can be easily operated in environments with shelves. Forklift training costs up to 600 which is a substantial amount – especially if you’re already looking for a way to earn money. If you can get your hands on a licence, however, you will find it much easier to move into a role.

Demonstrate Practical Skills on Your CV

Qualifications and experience are great, but another way to move into a warehouse job is to provide examples of your practical abilities in your CV. Even if you have just finished school, you will have been in scenarios that required the type of skills that can be applied and adapted in a warehouse role. It can be as simple as helping to organise a system at your local sports team or demonstrating that you have the capability to learn in a fast-paced environment.

Speak to Recruiters for Advice

Speaking to recruitment agencies can help you gain a better direction when it comes to getting a warehouse job. It is likely that they will have knowledge and expertise that can benefit you. Gaining extra information on things such as what to wear during the interview and what is expected from you on CV can really be the difference between getting a role or not.

Show That you are Organised

There is nothing more organised that a warehouse. An unorganised warehouse is an inefficient warehouse. Recruiters will want to see that you are organised. The best way to demonstrate this is to set out your CV in a reader friendly way that is both logical and informative. Then if you do get through to the interview, it is a good idea to have your presentation documents set out in an organised manner to prevent yourself bumbling through the process.

Understand Where a Warehouse Job Can Take You

One of the best ways to get a job is to understand where it is taking you. This might sound backwards but if you are aimlessly applying for a warehouse job without knowing where it can take you, you may find yourself lacking the true motivation to win the role. By taking a genuine interest in your own career you can become a master of your own destiny and truly push to get what you want.

Stay Confident and Keep Trying

It is likely you will get rejected for a few warehouse roles – after all, a lot of out of work individuals will be applying for the role. You need to find a way of staying confident and keep trying. It is likely that most people you talk to have been through a period of not having a job and feeling helpless so you are not alone.

Be Realistic with Your Expectations

We all want to move straight into a well paid job but it is unlikely to happen straight the way. You do need to be realistic with your expectations at the beginning. It is likely that as your experience grows you will fit into roles that require more responsibility and therefore more rewards. Nevertheless, you should still be ambitious with your expectations, but understand that you are not the only candidate applying for the role and competition can impact you negatively with you are trying to bite off more than you can chew.

Keep pushing and you will get what you want. The progression opportunity is there in warehousing so be optimistic in your approach. Good luck with your endeavours and remember to think about each of these ten points when chasing the next available opportunity.