3 Drains on Productivity That Could Be Affecting Your Business

For most business owners, especially if you run a small to medium sized business, the productivity of your workers is of the utmost importance to having a successful and effective business. However, there are some things about the workspace in which your employees are currently working that could be negatively affecting their productivity but to which you’re presently unaware. To help boost the productivity of your workers to keep your books in the black, here are some areas of your office that could be forcing your employees to put more focus on their own atmosphere and environment and less on their work.


Improper Lighting

Having the proper lighting in an office space can work wonders for the productivity of your workers. According to MBA@UNC, cooler lights in the office are more conducive to increased productivity. Along with cooler light temperatures, natural light also has a major positive impact on productivity of workers.

Natural light exposure can help your employees feels less like they’re trapped in a confining office space and more like they’re a part of the natural world. These feeling produce productivity benefits such as improved mood, energy and alertness as well as decreased depression.

Unsafe Breathing Conditions

If the air quality in your office or other workspace is subpar, this could be another drain on your employee’s’ productivity. If your workers are too hot, they could be feeling sleepy and unproductive for their entire day of work. Similarly, if your employees are too cold they will find themselves to be bad tempered and wanting to leave. By contacting Paul The Plumber for ac tune-up in Manchester, or a plumbing service near you, you can get any AC issues solved ready for the day ahead. The reasons for bad air quality could be many, like traces of mold or mildew, an old HVAC system or improper insulation from outside air with low breathing quality. According to OSHA, exposure to unsafe air can cause people to experience headaches, trouble concentrating, fatigue, and irritation to eyes, nose and lungs.

To ensure that the air your employees breathe is safe and non-toxic, consider setting up an appointment with an HVAC specialist like those at AirMax to ensure that all your systems are running properly. They will be able to thoroughly check the system to ensure it is running efficiently and safely. If you suspect the presence of mold or mildew in your workspace, seek out a company that handles mold removal and remediation.

Sick Employees

Another health hazard that can be bringing down the productivity of your entire company is a sick workforce. Even if you have a small company with limited employees, creating a company culture that encourages employees to come to work even when they’re sick is doing you more harm than good in the long run.

To keep productivity up even throughout cold and flu season, Josh Spiro, contributor to INC, recommends for business owners to give employees more flexible sick days, easy solutions for working remotely when necessary and possible, and cross training employees so work can still get completed even when someone is home sick. By keeping contagious employees out of the office where they can’t infect your other employees, you’ll see the productivity of your workers stay high even when some may be fighting off illnesses.

Combating these productivity drains is all about finding the problems and devising effective solutions that will benefit both your business and your employees. If you’ve seen issues with decreasing productivity and recognize that one of the above problems may be the culprit, try our solutions for ramping up the productivity of your company once and for all.