4 Traits that Make for a Great Chauffeur

A great chauffeur is a chauffeur who makes sure that their passenger has a great experience from start to finish. This requires a combination of driving skills, organizational skills and people skills together with specialist knowledge. Here, Kuldip Rait, Director of White 7 Bedford, specialists in private hire chauffeur services, shares four specific traits all great chauffeurs will share.

Concern for safety

Even in the UK, the roads can be dangerous. Sometimes this is because of hazards on them. Sometimes it’s because of the weather. Sometimes it’s because of the behaviour of other drivers. Often, it’s a combination of these factors.

Many driving incidents are caused, or at least made worse, through drivers simply not paying enough attention to safety. Great chauffeurs are well aware of this and will never fall into this trap. They’ll always ensure that any car they are driving is both properly maintained and properly equipped.

Just as importantly, they’ll always ensure that they’re in a fit state to drive themselves. That means they’ll limit their alcohol consumption, potentially even when they’re not working. While they’re behind the wheel, they’ll keep their full attention on the road.

Organization and problem-solving skills

A great chauffeur will always be planning ahead. In fact, they’ll be planning your journey before you even tell them where you want to go. For example, a great chauffeur will think to update the contents of your car depending on the seasons plus any other information they have about your preferences. They’ll also build up their knowledge of the area(s) where you regularly travel so as to plan the best routes.

These days, it’s increasingly likely for people to have chauffeurs take them outside their local area. When that happens, a chauffeur will make sure to research the journey thoroughly so they can drive it with confidence. They may use tools like sat nav for additional guidance. They will not, however, rely on them.

Of course, even with the best planning in the world, the unexpected can happen. Great chauffeurs understand this and are prepared for it. They’ll be confident problem-solvers, focussed on delivering solutions rather than more challenges.

Attention to detail

Anybody can give a car a basic clean and make themselves decently presentable. Great chauffeurs, however, will pay attention to the tiniest details. For example, they won’t just clean a car so that it looks good. They’ll make sure that it smells good. They’ll also make sure that it’s stocked with the items their passenger will appreciate. For one person that may be fashion magazines, for another, it could be puzzle books.

Similarly, a great chauffeur will pay close attention to their own appearance including their smell. Their clothes will be perfectly ironed. Their shoes will be polished. They will keep a sewing kit with them to deal with any buttons which become loose or minor tears. They’ll also remove any stains promptly, even small ones.

Professional standards

A great chauffeur will deliver the very highest standards in customer service. This goes way beyond basic standards such as reliability, punctuality and politeness. These are taken as read. A great chauffeur will understand the finer points of etiquette such as what title to use when addressing somebody and who to seat before whom.

Great chauffeurs know how to interact with their customers. For example, they’ll never interrupt a conversation. If they’re asked a question, they’ll provide a concise answer to it but will only continue the conversation if the passenger wishes them to do so.

Great chauffeurs also appreciate the value of discretion. They are well aware that their passengers may wish to discuss highly confidential or personal topics during their journey. They will never reveal a word of anything they overhear unless legally required to do so.