4 Veterinary Careers for those who always wanted to be a Vet

Veterinary can be a great career option for you if you are a passionate animal lover. Working as a vet seems enticing as you get to work with different types of animals. To pursue your interest in this domain you should ensure you land at the right job in advance by knowing where you might fit into a veterinary practice.

Many people refrain from going into the veterinary field, assuming fewer career options are available, but the reality is the opposite. There are plenty of opportunities for veterinary jobs all over the world, not to mention diverse options in the animal care industry. If you are also uncertain about which path to choose in the veterinary field, we offer some help here. Below we listed the popular veterinary career options available to work on for a thriving future and nurture your love for animals.

Veterinary Nurse

As a vet nurse, you need to thoroughly check the animal’s health status, communicate with the pet owner, and support the veterinary surgeon during the treatment. Other responsibilities include monitoring animal health, preparing for surgery, administering drugs, performing diagnostic tests, writing reports etc. Vet nurses also provide routine or emergency animal healthcare and advise the owners regarding animal health.

While performing the duties ensure you adhere to the code of conduct and maintain accurate records. A caring nature, confidence, ability to handle stress, team working skills, healthy communication and interpersonal skills is all you need.

Veterinary Practice Manager

A veterinary practice manager ensures everything is running smoothly in the clinic and continuously improves the overall standards. This allows the veterinary doctor to focus on its duties solely.

The duties include managing staff, complaints, client relationships, finances, keeping medical records, planning schedules, undertaking training, finding veterinary candidates to fill various types of vet jobs and conducting veterinary events. They sometimes handle animals also in the absence of staff and adhere to set guidelines.

Vet Care Assistant

This profile doesn’t require you to be highly qualified, but you need a little training to perform assigned duties. You must possess skills like active listening, focus, physical fitness, critical thinking and calm attitude.

Vet care assistants take care of the pets and monitor them before the vet doctor takes over. They are responsible for bathing, feeding, monitoring, cleaning, exercising and comforting animals. They work along with vet nurses and doctors to provide vital care to ensure animals wellbeing.

Sometimes vet assistants perform the lab work, reception and clerical duties when required.

Locum Vet

The locum vets are individuals hired temporarily to perform the duties of the vet nurse when absent. The purpose of hiring them is to ensure no animal has to wait for treatment and cover the daily operation gap.

The locum vets are qualified and competent as the regular vet nurse. This flexible job allows you to work on short notice when looking for the job. Talking of pay rates, you will work less and earn more than the full-time vet nurse with the same benefits as the permanent ones.

Wrapping up!

There are a vast array of options available when it comes to veterinary careers. Above we listed the most popular ones that promise you a thriving career and good payout.

So, what are you waiting for? Pursue your dream of taking care of animals and become a veterinarian.