5 Great Reasons Getting A Law Conversion Will Help Boost Your Career

After you have completed a bachelor’s degree, you might be wondering what happens next. Of course, you want to head on out to the world of work as soon as you can but are you ready? These days, it seems as though everybody has a degree, which makes finding a job super hard. You might have thought about continuing your education, but why not do a law conversion? The qualification will help you in your career more than you know.

#1 It is equal to a master’s degree

If you are struggling to decide whether you ought to do a master’s degree or a conversion course, don’t panic. The conversion qualification is equal to a master’s degree, which means that you don’t have to choose. Few people realize that a conversion course is a viable option as many colleges don’t promote these courses. You would need to ask the enrollment department at your university about the course before you do anything else.

#2 It could help you get into law

If you want to get into law, there are many steps you need to take. Getting your degree was the first stepping stone, but there are still loads of things you need to do to get where you want. Solicitors have to train for years before they can practice as professionals. The first thing you will need to do, though, is get a law conversion so that you have a basic understanding of the law. From there, you will need to take a higher qualification to prove that you have what it takes to make it in the field. You would likely have to intern at a law firm before you get a full-time role.


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#3 You will learn transferable skills

When you go for an interview, a potential employer is looking for more than just qualifications; they want you to have skills. Having the right skill set for the job is crucially important, especially if you are up against many candidates. If you undertake a law conversion qualification, it will give you loads of transferable skills that can apply to a range of roles. You will learn how to think logically and remember an array of facts.

#4 It will set you apart from the crowd

The fact that you have gone one step further than most people shows that you are serious about your education and career path. When it comes to working with a group of people, your boss wants someone who is a leader. Because you have already shown him or her that you want to go places will mean an awful lot. The qualification is proof enough that you want to be a leader. That should serve you well when you start to work in a competitive environment. It is always worth getting extra qualifications if you have the means to do so. Having extra skills and knowledge is worthwhile in any career you undertake.

#5 Understanding the law is always beneficial

Having a grasp of the law could be beneficial no matter what career you undertake. There will be times when the law affects your company regardless of the sector in which you work. If you are the person in the workplace who can help others when it comes to understanding the law, you will be an invaluable member of staff. When your boss sees that you have extra skills, he or she will want to keep you around for as long as possible. That way, when there are cuts, you will never lose your job because the company needs you.

If you are considering getting extra qualifications, why wait? Start now and boost your career right away.