5 Jobs No One Will Apply for in 10 Years

The jobs market is all set for a disruptive change. Many political factors could be bringing about this change in the near future. Britain will exit the European Union in 2019. Different nations across the world are rethinking their own labor markets and trying to create newer policies as well. However, no amount of political change will bring about as much disruption of the jobs market as the latest technology.

Bidvine.com conducted a survey with 1,228 citizens has revealed that the at least 5 jobs could be lost to the advent of new technology in the next decade. The most vulnerable jobs are:

Taxi drivers- 36% votes for extinction

Educators- 18% votes for extinction

Cashiers- 11.1% votes for extinction

Tube drivers- 10.4% votes for extinction

Journalists- 9.2% votes for extinction

The survey respondents believe that these jobs could become obsolete by the year 2027. They claim that new technology as well as online services could signal death for these 5 job profiles.

How is technology changing everything?

The jobs of taxi drivers and tube drivers will be lost simply because of newer and advanced technology. Tube drivers are already working on a sophisticated system of driving but as new systems are adopted, they could soon lose their jobs. Taxi drivers have a higher threat of losing their jobs. Many major technology and car manufacturing companies are now making driverless cars. While these cars will provide some great personal transportation options, public transportation could be badly hurt.

The likes of Uber are now planning to run their driverless taxi services in major citify which could make many taxi drivers lose their jobs. The driverless cars will be more cost effective and safer as well. As old taxis will cease to be used on the streets, taxi drivers will have to find new jobs.

Cashiers will also lose their jobs more quickly than they foresee. New software and fintech developments are making online payments and banking easier. It is highly likely that you will never have to talk to a cashier while paying for your grocery. The prices of the products you buy will be automatically added to your bill, discounts will be auto deducted and your bill could be paid with one swipe of the card. There will be no need for a cashier.

Teachers and journalists were respected for their jobs as they required higher skill levels and years of expertise too. However, online publications and social media are destroying these job opportunities as well. Traditional media, especially printed publications, are already fighting hard for their survival. Online publications are taking their place and becoming more profitable as well. Consequently, there is a boom in the online teaching sector that is making old classrooms go obsolete.

However, Bidvine CEO Sohrab Jhampani mentioned that local jobs like carpenters, painters, handymen, and plumbers are not going extinct anytime soon. However, he doesn’t forget to add that technology is bringing the biggest change to the jobs markets since the industrial revolution. The impact of this change will be seen in the next 10 years.