5 Reasons why an MBA is your highway to success

The international business environment is as competitive as it’s ever been. From the spectacular world of Silicon Valley start-ups to the ever-growing Chinese industry, there’s something going on in every corner of the planet. Keeping up to speed with the latest developments is a full time job in itself, which partly explains why the popularity of MBAs has exploded in the last few years. An acronym for Master of Business Administration, this type of degree is handed out by top-notch business schools and usually takes around one or two years to obtain. While not an absolute pre-requisite for attaining success in the business world, getting an MBA in this day and age can definitely nudge things in the right direction. With that in mind, here are 5 reasons to enlist in a quality MBA program:


  1. You’ll learn new things

The main focus of attending any schooling institute is to gain knowledge, and business schools are no different. From broadening your horizons about the business world and its inner workings to learning how high-level decisions are made, taking part in an MBA program is sure to enlighten you. At its best, you’ll gain a new perspective on business and see that it’s not just about earning money, but about making a dent in society and fulfilling a need that people already have.

  1. Quality MBAs focus on real world applicability

One of the best things about MBAs is that the good ones offer maximum versatility while also providing priceless insights into the nuts and bolts of real-life business strategies. Whereas most degrees only offer theoretical knowledge, a quality MBA program lets you apply everything you’ve learned as you go along. Many allow for full-time employment, while others partner up with certain companies to offer internships upon graduation. This ensures that students will be confronted with real-world problems and learn to solve them during their classes.

  1. Your salary and position stand to gain from it

Of course, we can’t overlook one of the main reasons why people enroll in MBA programs. While nothing in this world can offer absolute guarantees of career advancement, getting an MBA is as close to a sure thing as it gets. Simply put, people who complete an MBA program have a much higher likelihood of being promoted following graduation, mostly owing to the fact that people perceive it as an instant jump in seniority. Even better, business school grads stand to earn an average of $45,000 more than their MBA-less counterparts, making this type of education one of the few that will directly impact your bottom line.

  1. You’ll get to interact with other like-minded people

One of the more underrated benefits of getting an MBA lies in the friendships that you’ll stand to gain as a consequence of attending business school. Finishing an MBA isn’t an easy thing to do, and it’s exactly this kind of difficulty that forces people to bond together. In between courses, you’ll get to work on various team projects and learn all about each other’s goals and personalities. With such excellent team-building opportunities, it’s no wonder that many successful companies get their start in these circumstances. Learning how to work with others is paramount in the business world, and finishing an MBA is the first step towards mastering this delicate art.

  1. It offers a path towards credibility and entrepreneurship

If you’re going to business school, chances are you’d like to one day become your own boss. A quality MBA can offer you credibility, as many more people will be inclined to partner up with someone who has this kind of accreditation to their name. Moreover, an MBA degree is internationally recognized, thus ensuring that your credentials will be appreciated in countries other than your own. If you should wish to start your own business, potential investors and co-workers alike will find it much easier to conduct business with an MBA graduate, someone they see as being trustworthy and serious about their business acumen.

All in all, there are plenty of reasons why an MBA can help you in furthering your career and developing you as a person as well. While most quality business schools can be quite expensive and difficult to get into, the advantages to getting a good business education cannot be overstated. When you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. Whilst it may be hard to get into the business school of your choice, if you have the right people guiding you, as well as accessing helpful tools and tips, that can be found at somewhere like Fortuna Admissions, the dreams that you have of building a career in business will soon be in your grasp. So don’t hesitate to invest a little now in order to reap the rewards of your time and money in the future.