5 Reasons to Choose a Law Career

Choosing your career can be one of the most daunting tasks you face in your adult life. Finding an industry you are passionate about and can feel fulfilled in for the rest of your life is a huge decision. Thankfully, pursuing a career in law can offer you many options and a satisfying career for many years to come. Practicing law is a diverse field with many options to help others and stretch your mind. Included here are a few of the reasons to pursue a career in law.

High Salary

Many view jobs in the field of law as an opportunity to make large amounts of money. It is possible to gain high salaries at big name firms while working in law. However, it is crucial that this is not your only motivation when pursuing this field. You will become very burned out and feel unfulfilled in a job that is pursued only for its dollar signs.


Represent Victims

One reason many people pursue careers in law is to help people. This can be done by helping victims in many instances, including domestic violence, corporate abuse or neglect. Be sure you understand where your passion lies before you commit to a major. Different areas of law may require different expertise and you will be most content finding an area that fulfills your passion.

Utilize Cognitive Abilities

There are far too many jobs that underutilize your brain. You may be wary of any pursuit that seems too repetitive and mind-numbing in nature. Thankfully, law does have a lot of complications and twists to each litigation that should keep you functioning on your toes. If you enjoy the idea of a degree in a field that is constantly being changed as new laws develop, you will enjoy pursuing a law degree.


Change the Justice System

Some lawyers are born from poor handling of the justice system. They are the products of misrepresented parents or the foster system. Often, these lawyers will pursue this career because they want to make changes in the way the justice system functions in their country. The job of changing the way your justice system is run can be drawn out and painful, but it is well worth it when change does occur.


Many people enter law simply because they are passionate about something that law represents. If you have previous interest in health care, the environment, education, public policy, immigration or even sports and entertainment, there may be a career waiting for you in law. Find a way to represent something you are passionate about and buckle down to pursue your schooling. Finding a fulfilling job is well worth the work it takes to get there and you will have a better quality of life because of it.