5 Ways Employers Can Quickly Find Reliable Employees

For business owners and managers, finding the best employees is no easy task. Whilst anybody can make themselves sound amazing on a CV, this isn’t always the case when they begin work which is why many companies will use a background check and also will drug test a lot of new employees depending on the job role and company of course but for the best drug testing, services use clinton drug testing as a way to ensure they are making safer, more informed hiring decisions. Plus, with jobs becoming more and more available these days, there’s an increasing need to ensure that your job vacancy, and your company, seem like an attractive line of work for any prospective applicants. No matter what kind of position you are trying to fill, we’ve put together some top tips to help you find reliable and productive employees.

Tip #1. Create Better Job Postings:

Bear in mind that when somebody is looking for a new job, they’re probably going to read a lot more job postings than just yours, and apply for as many as they are interested in. Because of this, your first priority should be ensuring that your job posting is standing out from the crowd. Make sure that applicants are interested at the first glance by detailing as much about the job position as you can. This should not only include the responsibilities and the type of person required for the job, but also about the kind of salary and benefits that they can expect should they end up working for you.

Tip #2. Liaise with Agencies:

If you are looking for temporary staff, then a reputable agency can be one of the best ways to quickly find temp staff in London and other cities. Agency staff tend to be more reliable and productive, since many of them do not have guaranteed hours and know that by standing out and making a good impression, there’s a better chance of them bagging a full-time, permanent position.

Of course, whilst you may not always be able to offer this to all your temporary staff, this could also be a good way of finding new permanent employees for your business since you’ll have already worked with the individual and know exactly what they can do.

Tip #3. Use Social Media:

Today, more and more people are finding employment on social media, with professional sites such as LinkedIn playing a huge part in connecting employers to the best employees.

When you browse LinkedIn, you’ll be able to see the employment history of many potential candidates, along with their qualifications, interests, hobbies and achievements in one handy place. You can also use the network to post your own job vacancies, which will then be suggested to candidates that are suitable for them depending on their profile.

Tip #4. Attend Graduate Fairs:

If you’re looking for new professional members of staff, then graduates could be the perfect hiring option. With the majority of graduates hoping to find employment opportunities as soon as they’ve finished their university degree, you can count on graduate fairs being one of the best places to find lots of potential candidates all in the same place. And, what’s even better is that when you attend a graduate fair as an employer, you’ll be able to meet prospective new employees in person straight away, giving you a better chance to gauge their attitude, abilities, and strengths than simply reading their CV.

Tip #5. Get Referrals:

Last but not least, getting referrals from your best members of staff can be an excellent method of finding reliable employees for your company. Setting up a referral scheme, for example, offering a financial reward to both the person referring and the new employee if they manage to get somebody on board who stays a certain amount of time, can be an excellent way of finding more great employees.

If you found these tips useful, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.