6 High-Paying Careers in the Field of Art

Do you have a passion for creative expression? Find yourself settling for a different career path because you feel you won’t make any money? If so, look again at the options available to you as an artist. Like any industry, the art field may be difficult to break into, but there are many lucrative careers available to those who truly want to pursue art for a living.

Curator or Art Dealer


Some art lovers just want to be surrounded by artistic expression their entire lives and have the option to bring this love to other people. While being a museum curator or art dealer is not the easiest industry to break into, you can have an extremely lucrative career in this field.

Park West Gallery owner, Albert Scaglione, realized his dream to bring art to the masses as a teenager. While he originally was studying to become a professor, his excitement over purchasing art for his parents drove him to bring art to people from all walks of life. He has now created an incredibly successful gallery and is one of the largest art dealers in the world.

Multimedia Artists and Animators

It’s no secret that business is booming in the movie industry; Americans love the screen! With the projected growth for animators set at 14% per year and a median salary of $79,000, a lucrative career can definitely be waiting if you are a multimedia artist or animator. You will likely need a Bachelor’s degree for this field and a well-developed portfolio.

Video Game Designer

This is the dream job of countless pubescent boys, but is not always attainable. In order to become a video game designer, you will need a degree in computer science, 3D art or animation. The median salary in this field is about $71,000 and can offer opportunities for growth. In order to succeed, you will need excellent communication skills and strength in the liberal arts.


Fashion Designers

A career in fashion design is the dream of many teenaged girls, but will only be attained by a select few as the projected growth is only about 1% per year. However, success in fashion design could earn you roughly $61,000 per year and be very fulfilling to the individual. Most fashion designers have a 2 or 4 year degree and a strong eye for the aesthetic.

Interior Designer

While many people who hear “interior design” envision a star-studded career on a television show, interior design can be far more practical for most. Often, interior designers will be utilized for alterations to office buildings, airports, and hospitals. Most successful interior designers hold a Bachelor’s degree and earn a median salary of $60,000. The growth in this field is projected at 19% but you must be able to keep up-to-date on style and taste changes in culture to hold relevancy. If you would like a more in-depth look into interior design as a career, you may wish to take a look at this post over on House 2 Home Goods to get a little more information on what this may entail.

Graphic Designer

Crucial to the success of newspapers, journals and other publications, graphic designers are responsible for the aesthetic appeal of marketing ventures. Most graphic designers hold a 2 year or bachelor’s degree and have an aptitude towards written, visual, and verbal communication. With projected growth in the field at 13%, it is likely you will have a career when you finish school.