6 Items That Are Best Bought in Bulk

Whether you’re buying for yourself or for your business, it’s always a good idea to buy certain things in bulk through companies like Abound. Not only will you get a better deal out of it in the long term, but you’ll also avoid the usual annoyance of running out of that particular item when you absolutely need it.

This also avoids having to make emergency trips to the store, grocery, or retail outlet just to get an item that you need. Moreover, in a corporate setting, it guarantees that things don’t stop to a grinding halt just because you’ve run out of a particular resource that’s critical to how you run your business or service.

With that said, there are some items that are better bought in bulk than others. Here are our own suggestions to what those items are, compiled in a handy list for your convenience.

Giveaway gifts or small tokens

This refers to small objects or trinkets that you can give away as a token or a gift to anyone you like. This type of giveaway can also be used to promote your business or service. Objects like customized wristbands, lanyards, lapel pins, and so on are perfect for this purpose. Instead of buying them piecemeal through a retailer, you can simply order them in bulk instead. This way, you’ll always have some on hand, even when unexpected guests or friends arrive.

We do recommend that you choose websites like WeCustomize when ordering things like lapel pins in bulk, however. Not only do they offer very low prices for high-quality merchandise, but they also offer a great degree of customization to whatever you’re ordering, ensuring that your giveaway or token gift is as unique as they come.

Toilet paper

No matter if you’re buying for a household or an office, you can never have too much toilet paper. The same goes for paper towels. Even in a modest household or small startup, you’re guaranteed to run through your supply if you buy conservatively. Buy in bulk and never have to worry about the nightmare scenario of getting an upset stomach, and then finding out that you’ve run out of toilet paper after suffering on the toilet for hours on end.


Another home and office staple, coffee filters are something you should definitely consider buying in bulk-especially if you’ve got family members or coworkers that rely on the brew to get through the day. With that said, you should also consider buying coffee in bulk, too. Whether ground-up or still in bean form, coffee can last for months. You can even store coffee in the freezer to make them last longer, up to two whole years. If you’re into instant coffee, then bulk supplies are guaranteed to last even longer. You may be able to find bulk suppliers through searching terms such as beverage distributor in Denver or coffee bulk orders for your local area.

Personal hygiene products

Personal hygiene items such as soap, shampoo, and deodorant are all safe to buy in bulk as well. They’re specifically formulated and made to have very long shelf lives, to the point that you absolutely don’t have to worry about them. Buy them in bulk for your family or employees and you’ll be able to strike them off your weekly shopping list.

Garbage bags

Offices and homes have to deal with trash in pretty much the same way, so it’s a good idea for both to stock up with garbage bags in bulk. Not only does this help keep things clean and organized, but you’ll also have a convenient receptacle for accidental messes and spills if and when they do happen. Luckily, there are a number of different places that sell bulk garbage bags, so businesses and homeowners should be able to easily access some to make sure they can keep everything clean and tidy at all times.


Nobody likes to run out of dishwashing detergent, no matter if they’re in the office pantry or in the home kitchen, so make sure to get this in bulk. Just like personal hygiene items, detergents have a very long and almost indefinite shelf life, and since it’ll be used nearly every day, it’s a safe bet to get loads of it in your next supply run.

Buying in bulk is both convenient and cost-effective

It may seem excessive, especially if you’re not at all used to buying stuff wholesale, but trust us: buying the items we’ve listed above in bulk will benefit you both in savings and convenience in the long run. Just remember to buy from reputable brands and not generic, off-brand products. While these lesser known brands may seem cheaper, you may not be getting the quality you need. Exercise your buyer’s intuition and caution whenever necessary.