8 Event Ideas for Your Next Office Outing

Times in the office can be tough and whether you’re working as part of a small team or in one made up of 20+ people, it’s essential that you keep morale high and keep the connections outside of work strong, too. Whether you simply plan on having outings during certain celebrations (e.g. Christmas, New Year, and Halloween), or perhaps at the end of every working month, here are 8 different event ideas that may inspire you to get out of the office.


  1. Get Out and Go-Kart

Go-karting is something that is undoubtedly fun for all ages and genders and going with your fellow colleagues is sure to bring out everyone’s competitive side. You could split yourselves up into separate teams, or simply have individual races and set up prizes for those who come out victorious. Perhaps if there’s a certain task that no one wants to do in the office, the loser could even be faced with having to do that when they return. Whatever you think will work best for your team, make sure it keeps them entertained.

  1. Save it for Christmas

If you’re just starting up, or a part of a small business, then you simply may not have a big enough budget to be able to afford to treat your employees to days/evenings out regularly. If this is the case, why not make your seasonal celebration a more memorable one? You may wish to keep it local and have an in-office celebration, or you may want to take the office out on an activity day. Whatever you want to do, there are many office Christmas party ideas which can be tailored to any group of employees in the festive season.

  1. What About the West-End?

Whether you’re located in London or are willing to take a day away to travel down, seeing a show at the West End is an event that most people rarely get the chance to go and do. There’s such a wide variety of different plays and musicals that every employee could surely get on board with, so why not see something soon?

  1. Take Part in a Fundraiser

There are hundreds of different charity events all across the country that your office could take part in. Not only would you be strengthening your team and having a creative day out, but you’d also be raising money and supporting an incredible cause. You could create your own fundraising event, with the help of somewhere like https://community.chipotle.com/, or you could take part in an existing fundraising campaign. Either way, you should talk to your team and start planning what you’d all like to do to make a positive difference in your community or surrounding areas.

  1. Ghost Hunting

This may not be a great idea for those who get scared easily, but if everyone in the office is eager, it would make for a much more unique outing. Most are undertaken in the evenings, so you could take part one Friday night after everyone’s finished their work. Keep yourself equipped with the latest ghost-hunting technology like a spirit box scanner, spirits vibrations sensor, thermal imaging camera, phasm light, and infrasound generator from SpiritShack. These could come in handy during your spooky adventure and can offer you the once-in-a-lifetime experience of encountering a spirit.

  1. Go for a Gourmet Meal

Going out for something to eat with your fellow workers may sound like a fairly standard and simplistic office outing, but it’s one of your only options if you’re wanting to be able to all sit and talk with one another whilst being outside of the workplace. Not only this, but it’s also only as standard as you decide to make it. You could splash the expenses and experience some fine dining or even go for some taste testing – make it as unique as you can imagine.

  1. Water Sports

Whether it’s kayaking, canoeing, or something even more adventurous like learning to wing foil, water sports can be another great way to be able to take part in team-building activities and turn it into a competition. It will get everyone outside and active, and they’ll all be able to return to work feeling re-energized and motivated to take on any task.

  1. Go Ape

For those who may not have heard of it, Go Ape is an adventure course located in the trees which features zip wires and rope climbing. For those seeking adventure, this would be another great experience that’ll keep you much dryer than if you were to take part in water sports. Even better is that they offer corporate event bookings, so you can get an experience tailored for you and your team.

Having office outings where every employee is involved can make for a much-needed break away from the business and may also strengthen work relationships too – meaning it’s not just for personal enjoyment. Next time you start planning a work event, try taking some of these ideas into consideration!