A Guide to PPE Safety Boots and Choosing the right footwear for Work

Safety boots are a very important part of your daily work attire, and so it is essential that you choose the best pair for you. Comfort is a very big part of your workwear, and more so with footwear, helping you to stay comfortable and work to your best ability all day long.

When looking to buy your next pair of safety boots, you should base your search on protection, durability and comfort, looking to strike a balance between the three. Your safety boots should be tailored to the work that you do, based on the requirements for protection and flexibility, as well as what feels right once on your feet.

Choosing Comfortable Safety Boots

When choosing a pair of safety boots, it is important to consider how comfortable they are before making the decision to purchase them. If you already happen to wear a radiation suit or something similar in your workplace, you may want to choose the footwear accordingly. In order to choose the most comfortable boots that are best suited to you and your line of work, you should make the following considerations:

Getting the Correct Size – You should ensure that the size of the boot is right for you by feeling the amount of room that you have within the shoe once on your foot. If there is no room at all then it may be the case that you require a bigger size, whereas if there is a lot of room within the boot, you may need to get a smaller size that is better fitted to the size of your foot. It is advised, however, that you purchase safety boots that are roughly half a size too big for you, as this will allow for different considerations in various weather conditions.

Protecting your Feet – A big part of choosing a comfortable and protective safety boot is the need to protect your feet from water. Water getting into the boot and coming into contact with your feet can be a very big problem, being uncomfortable in the short term and potentially causing lasting damage in the long term. In order to protect your feet from this, you could purchase waterproof steel blue boots, as well as wear good quality socks.

Additional Considerations – Something on the boot to check would be the lacing system, to see if you are able to tie the boots to a level that is comfortable for you to wear. By dictating how tight the boots are to your foot, you are ultimately controlling the comfort of the boot in relation to how it feels on your foot, so a simple system would be the most effective for this. Another thing to consider would be to add separate insoles that can be bought from Tread Labs or similar companies into your boots, giving you additional comfort underfoot, as well as a better fit overall.

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