Admin Skills – How to Take Effective Meeting Minutes

Learning a set of admin skills as a compulsory part of your formal schooling and even your tertiary education seems like a bit of a frivolous necessity until you find yourself in a situation where you’re actually called upon to use those skills. One of those admin skills is indeed taking the minutes of meeting, which for some reason doesn’t seem like a task that’s exclusively reserved for the formal admin staff of a certain company you may be working for. You may perhaps even be a self-employed individual who just doesn’t have the budget to put someone on your payroll whose job description covers everything to do with admin, including taking down the minutes of a meeting. So whatever the scenario may be, you need to develop your skill of being able to effectively take meeting minutes. Learn exactly how to take effective meeting minutes with a quick reference to this infographic compiled by Citrix GoToMeeting: After all, it’s all about what goes on in the meeting and you’ll definitely want an effective way to go back and reference your notes.

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