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The rapid progress of data importance is a well-known and persevering trend. Whatever the field, billions of mailing addresses, info, emails are essential for activities such as prospecting and marketing, but also from product shipment to database management: the activities related to the availability of a certain amount of data are endless. Software such as Egon is at your disposal for the validation of postal addresses, names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Available for over 250 different countries, Egon is the most reliable answer to those who want to enhance internal resources and minimize waste. Let’s find more about the address validation process and why is it so important for your company.

We are talking about an aspect that impacts the whole efficiency of companies, from their sales to their marketing activities and therefore their revenues. Addresses, most of the time, are not filled in correctly nor are complete. This can lead to many problems, including financial ones. From this scenario arises the need for a precise and effective review, in order to have available data and master data expendable in marketing operations, shipping, etc.. It is precisely this revision that takes the name of address validation.

Address Validation: A Closer look

While it may be difficult to calculate the exact value of incorrect data, one thing is certain: errors in the database waste time and money. If you use wrong addresses you are giving your competitors an advantage. But let’s take a closer look at the aspects of this type of validation.

Address correction

The address is corrected from typing errors such as typos, double words, superfluous punctuation, and everything that needs to be corrected.

Address update

If the conditions are met, the address is updated with regard to its obsolete fields (territorial code, province, etc.)

Completion of the address

The address, if incomplete, is accompanied by the missing data, so as to ensure full correspondence between available and requested information.

Merging of equal addresses

In massive validations, redundant or stackable addresses are recognized and merged accordingly to eliminate duplicates.

Why Should Your Company Invest in Address Validation?

The benefits are quite a lot: from less expenditure on customer service to an increase in your company’s efficiency, let’s see them.

Customer Care Cost-Effectiveness

The success of customer care depends to a large extent on the knowledge of the customers, and the knowledge of the customers depends on profiling. This is a goal that can be achieved by assigning specific information to each user right from the moment of purchase and thus also during after-sales and warranty protection. Here too, waste due to incorrect profiling is evident and can increase over the years due to missed shipments, delays, and negative reviews. Avoiding these interferences should be the goal of every modern business.

Reduction of delivery waste

Using validated addresses means taking advantage during delivery and transport (and even before logistics), being sure to bring the shipment of goods to a successful conclusion, without returns, and without delays. This translates into substantial time and costs savings due to the collection of shipped products and the management of a new shipment, not to mention customer satisfaction and image benefits (brand identity).

Marketing costs are reduced

The promotion can be carried out in many ways, according to generic or specific logic (within a limited territory). The sending of brochures, flyers, and advertising material in a city has high costs, and each investment involves more or less waste in relation to the accuracy of the addresses and consequently their quality. Thanks to a validator we will have more accurate territorial marketing campaigns, with better performance in terms of cost saving.

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