Architect and designer’s hacks to more projects and happier clients

By: Charlene Ara Gonzales of Superdraft Pty. Ltd.

You have to be more than a good designer to be a compelling architect and interior designer. You must develop a proactive attitude towards your career and train yourself to become a good communicator with on-point negotiation skills. Negotiation is an important tactic to have, not only in an individual sense but for your team too, so you can work together to create the results that you want. You may want to Consider negotiation skills training to equip your people to negotiate with confidence and success which can be highly beneficial in the long run. An architect who knows how to deal with clients can unlock all the important things he needs before he starts designing for their space.


Like artists, architects and designers begin their creative process with face-to-face meetings with the client. Our Brisbane architects do this to get a grip of the client’s perspective and expectations, giving you an idea on the correct services they need. Professionals who want to make a bold statement to their clients will step up the game and discover how he’s going to reflect the homeowners in their space.

Here’s some proficient architects and designers’ hacks towards completing a win-win project for you and your client:

Know the client’s backstory and personality

Architects and designers are storytellers and the space they create is their communication tool. It is the client who owns the space, therefore architects Alderley Edge (or similar professionals from any other location) must be able to express the personality and taste of the homeowner in their living space.

One easy way to do this is to ask the client about the memorable events that happened in the space. Whether good or bad, memories are priceless. This can be your parti or source of inspiration during the design and construction process.

Be an active listener

Engage yourself with the things that the client has to say. For example, if a client has specifically asked for vinyl siding to enhance the overall curb appeal of their home (that can be provided by companies like, be sure to start a conversation by asking them about the color and location in which they want it. Put value in their requests at all times.

However, requests can open more design possibilities that could work well with the client’s taste. When it comes to more natural light coming into the house, it could be suitable for indoor plants. If in doubt, consult with the client so you’ll never get the design decisions wrong.

Solve her previous design dilemmas

Aside from the checklist of what clients want in their space, you have to be keen of their previous design problems. These dilemmas can be about clutter, flat and boring design, and other disastrous issues on cabinetry, floors, doors, stairs, or any custom made furniture. Whether the client is up for a new project or just a renovation, prioritize solving these design issues in both private and public areas of their home.

Owning the problem and giving the right solution to it is a great way for a client to admire working with you.

Take advantage of the outdoor view

Families can fall in love with a certain part of their home because of a perfect view. It can be anywhere from a huge window, the balcony, or the outdoor living area. Use outdoor views as a focal point on some rooms of the house. The relaxing sight of trees during the day or a breathtaking skyline of the city at night will be admired by your clients once they start living there.

Finished the project? At the last day, do the honor of introduce your creation to your clients. Show them the elements of their new space that kids and the whole family can enjoy. Tell them where you had a little trouble and pick up with how you’ve conquered it. Thank them for trusting you and your team on the job. This leave your client with a story to tell their family, friends, and visitors. Provide them details so they can easier convince their peers once they recommend you. Besides, whatever an architect builds automatically builds him in return.

It takes a compelling architect to be trusted by a client. Trust in you work comes with loyalty to your services. And, the more people believing in your brand, the brighter your star shines in the building design industry.

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Charlene Ara Gonzales does content marketing for Superdraft Pty. Ltd., an award winning architecture firm who makes every Australian dream house come to life. Check-out their team’s top notch creations on Houzz, Pinterest, and Facebook. Connect with her through LinkedIn.