Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

No one ever said being your own boss would ever be easy, although you have all the perks of being your own boss, you also have all the responsibilities of it to. As your business grows you will find yourself becoming more and more stretched for time until you can’t manage anymore. When this time comes you will need to get help. People often find that the most time consuming task are the general admin and office task, so it could be wise to get someone like a personal assistant or a home based pa / virtual assistant to do these task for you like call handling, email replies, admin, diary management, bookkeeping etc.


A personal assistant is a secretary that works exclusively for one particular person, handling their phone calls and managing their time diligently. Hiring a personal assistant can be a sensible idea for anyone running a business, however it means you have to consider a lot of things when hiring someone. You have to account for their office space, the computers they will use, salary, pay rises, holidays, employment contracts and adjusting them to the particular job role you need them to step into. This is exactly why virtual PA’s can be beneficial to a growing business. They require no time to recruit, no initial recruitment costs that you are charged for searching for a candidate through employment companies, no full time salaries, and even no office space.


Virtual assistants work from home and offer a business a cost effective solution for these general office tasks. The benefits of a virtual assistant can be vast and the help they can offer your business can be unmatched. Office space is key, and as a growing business you accept that you will have to get a bigger office eventually. However you don’t want to move early, as you might end up having an office that is too big for you and your paying for an bigger office you don’t need – so employing a virtual personal assistant means that your needs for a personal assistant and admin support are covered whilst preserving space for another employee in your office.


The benefits of a virtual assistant don’t stop there.  Virtual assistants can also handle your phone call by redirecting all calls through them and they can pass them on to you or can take messages, this way it saves you getting stuck on the phone to people when you should be cracking on with your work. They can also keep on top of all of your office and admin task including diary management, documentation and even research. On top of this they can even arrange meetings and organise your transport.

There are many benefits that adding a personal assistant can have on your team. It all about deciding if you would benefit from having someone working in the office or if you are better off having a home-based personal assistant. If you want to find out more about virtual assistant and the pa services they cover, Smart PA have a lot of information on this topic and can help.