Best Software Solutions Used for HR Management 

According to research, the average HR staff spends more than 44% of their time on administrative tasks. This does not include the 20% of the time spent on reporting and compliance activities that are needed to be complete on a weekly basis. As more modern innovations and tools continue to embrace change in the workplace, HR software is also entering the new world.

In fact, the $14 billion market for HR tools and software is only continuing to rise as many large companies are shifting to the cloud from licensed software. Thanks to mobile apps, video, analytics, and team management software, we are now seeing a major change in the HR industry. With new changes in technology, it is important to choose powerful software that solves a majority of internal challenges and provides quality leadership in some or all elements of ease, dependability, and competition.

Management Software

HR Management software helps take control of schedules through an employee self-service. Employees can take self-action and request their shift adjustment. From hiring to resignations, managerial functions require tedious paperwork that takes up more time than necessary. Through management software, employees can reduce their time spent on attendance and focus on reducing costly payroll errors.


While LinkedIn has been around for a while now, the site remains as the most superior of work-related social media management and networking online. In fact, statistics show that keeping your profile up to date will make you 17 times more likely to be hired by recruiters and members on LinkedIn. As the ultimate talent-recruiting database, LinkedIn holds a rich source of data that goes beyond searching for levels of skill and management. HR can take advantage of this quality resource to help them stay on top of trends, procedures, policies, and changes in legislation.


As one of the largest Human Resource service producers, ADP is among the top innovative companies that handle talent acquisitions and continues to revolutionise the industry of HR with digital solutions. ADP provides a cloud-based solution for everyone to help streamline data, provide access, and easy management. What makes ADP successful is its commitment to quality customer service and investment in attracting associates with the right set of skills that is essential to the company.


Another effective communication channel that many companies turn to, is Slack. It is important to foster effective communication within the entire organisation. With their quality conference-calling features, Slack is the ideal network to connect the entire workspace and valued at over $5 billion. Features also include direct messaging to stay connected to all members, whether they may be in-house or virtual assistance. The open channel always provides a private discussion option or tags for meetings and announcements.

As far as searching for an all-in-one HR platform, this all depends on the needs of your company and what is required on the platform. With the use of modern software, this will be able to help balance all aspects of HR internal needs that includes hiring, tax forms. benefits management, payroll, and more.