Boost Your Management Style With These Three Tips

When businesses look at improving their profits by increasing efficiency, they’re often looking at reducing costs and speeding up logistics to reduce the friction that each movement facilitates. It’s a strategy that makes sense, but it’s also incredibly naïve. That’s because your human capital – the people you employee – are the most important resource in your company, and making small changes to their lives and outlooks can have profound changes for the quality of your enterprise’s work. Concentrate on management to draw the best out of your employees, by following the three tips suggested below.


How, exactly, does one boost motivation – especially over the long-term? It’s certainly easy to boost it over the short-term: simply offering a carrot to work towards will be sufficient to power a boost in staff morale. But getting your staff to consistently work to tight deadlines, producing excellent quality work, and working on difficult assignments with ease is something that takes a greater degree of management nous.

Your first step is to value your employees as individuals. Ensure that they’re all happy and excited by the work that they’re doing, and attempt, where possible, to man-manage by giving unique assignments to members of staff with different and complementary skillsets. Only by catering towards the desires and motivations of your staff will you keep them motivated long-term. You may also wish to check that they are happy and well-placed in the team that they are in from time to time and carry out a team assessment with the help of someone like Tilt 365 ( to identify how the team is performing and what individual characters bring to the team, which can help you determine whether the team might need shuffling around a little in order to be happy and achieve the most at work.

External Help

Your company won’t have the greatest management team in the world – in truth, no company does. Instead, you’re simply attempting to improvise and adapt your skills to meet your employees’ habits and your clients’ needs. You might benefit, therefore, from some external help that makes this adaptation process that bit more effective.

By looking to external providers, you can boost your management style by enacting the Inpulse change management plan. It’ll bring your team together in a number of key ways that improve your ability to respond to peaks in workload, get feedback from employees, introduce new management techniques, and create an atmosphere at work that’s truly dynamic, flexible and efficient.

The Little Things

All too often, management concentrates on the big picture, allowing their employees to pick up the small duties. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Conversations with low-level clients
  • Administrative duties
  • Office duties – like filling the water machine
  • Planning office parties or get-togethers
  • Compiling notes of best practice

All of these things should be in your radar as a manager, too. That’s because your employees will value their work, and respect your management, a little more if you show that you’re prepared to perform all office duties to help your team succeed. Leading by example is one of the key ways to get your staff pulling their weight behind you, and it’s something that’ll gradually increase your workplace skillset, too. Make sure that you’re getting this all-important experience in the little things, and you’ll be sure to know your business activity, and your employees’ duties, like the back of your hand.

These three tips are incredibly important for generating higher profits in your business by tweaking your style of management to achieve higher efficiency in the workplace.