Budget ways to set up your first office

Going into business for the first time is an incredibly exciting experience. There is so much to plan, organise, think about and get ready for that all important first day.

One area which can potentially be financially costly is where to work. The UK is awash with office space to rent and there are all sizes available and in all kinds of environment from city centres to industrial areas.

Committing to a rental lease though is a big step to take before any business is fully established and there are other ways to conduct your business for little or no cost.

Working from home is now very popular and rooms previously described by an estate agent as a study or box room would now be called a home office. Working from home means that you don’t need to spend money on transport and you can utilize the smallest area of the home to call your own. Some family homes though may not have an area which is quiet or can be exclusively set aside to work in so the idea of a garden office is now becoming very fashionable. There are companies that deal exclusively in creating bespoke garden offices complete with utilities, made to measure furnishings and fitted carpets. This is not a cheap option and whilst it means a few seconds walk to the peace and quiet of the office, it can come with a hefty price tag. A large shed can do the job just as well with a bit of imagination and a pot of paint, you can even pick up some shed office ideas from websites like modern-shed.com to get a better idea of what you want. Battery lighting is cheap to run and comes in a number of styles and office furniture can be picked up for a tiny amount from second-hand office supplies stores. You will also want to make use of online shopping sites that can allow you to check out different supplies for your office that you might be missing at the beginning.

For those who don’t have the luxury of a garden space to use, many small businesses are turning to the high street. This isn’t to rent an office, but to use an existing meeting space. Coffee shops are currently very popular places for start-up businesses as they offer the chance to work all day for the cost of a few drinks. More and more people are using these locations for months or even years at a time to meet clients and hold meetings. Whilst it’s wise to use a few rules of etiquette such as don’t spread out too much or try to work there without every buying anything, other than that the store baristas won’t be surprised to see you there each day and you can get to know the staff over time.

If you find you need equipment such as printers, laptops or telephones, online auctions and second hand sites are a great place to start. If you don’t have a budget in place but need to be able to operate for the first few weeks until you have your first income you can look online to find tips on how to compare payday loans for a short term cash injection.

Dreaming of having your own office building with your name proudly above the door will one day happen with the determination and motivation you have to succeed. Until then, it’s best to use funds where they are really needed to launch and promote your business and to find a small space to use as an office which you can really make into your own little empire.