Business Asset Management: Getting the Right Data in the Right Context

Asset management has changed a lot over the years. It used to involve nothing more than setting up a spreadsheet to track devices and find out more information on each device. This did not provide information based on context or connectivity, which meant there was nothing to help you speed up and improve your decisions.

But these days, you need context.

Simply having information is not enough. Asset management needs context-rich information to help you to manage your assets more efficiently and with greater agility.

Modern asset management provides you with a much smarter and more efficient way to gather data. And this is where data center information management comes in handy.

Get Insight into Every Asset

Better asset management is one of the most important benefits provided by DCIM products. With a DCIM solution in place, you can find out everything you need to know about all of your assets.

For example, you can instantly find out the age of every device, how much it costs, where it is located, how much energy it uses, how it is interconnected, the applications it supports, and much more.

This is essential information, and with a DCIM system, it is all too easy to access when you need it.

Know When to Replace Assets

One of the most important factors of asset management is knowing when to replace assets. It could be the case that a large portion of your assets need to be replaced every year. With a good DCIM system in place, you can find out exactly when a replacement is needed.

Or you can find out when the renewal on the lease is coming up. This helps you to reduce downtime or avoid it completely by always replacing assets efficiently.

Never Lose an Asset

One of the biggest problems in traditional asset management was the potential to lose an asset by losing track of it.

But this almost never happens with a DCIM system in place because you will always know where it is, what its role is, and how it connects with other assets-all of which can help you to improve efficiency in your organization.

Everything in One Database

One of the best features of a good DCIM system is that it provides you with one simple database to keep track of everything. These kinds of servers might require a professional data center cabling company to help with the detailed wiring and fast networks that these systems need. This centralized database provides information about everything from the equipment you use to where it is located and more in a fast, simple, and efficient manner, which is why there can be no mistakes that can prevent it from serving its purpose.

Improve Planning

A good DCIM system will help you with your asset planning. Using a system, you can make use of asset data for capacity planning, and you can combine this asset data with metrics to come up with KPIs.

This helps you to meet customer needs by making use of user-defined fields and much more, all of which will give your planning a boost.

Benefit from Better Asset Management

Better asset management is possible. These days, you need context as well as just the information, and by using a DCIM solution, you can get access to all the information and context you need to improve your data center and asset management.

This helps you to increase efficiency, make better decisions, and save money in your organization. So start looking for DCIM software for your organization to take advantage of the benefits it provides today.