Casinos: an often overlooked career choice

Casinos employ staff across a wide range of sectors, so it’s often easy to forget that they are a great source of employment for those looking for a business career, too. Here are some ideas for business careers that you can find at casinos.pic

by  LVLights 

PR and Marketing

Behind some of the world’s best casinos lie top class marketing and PR team who do their best to ensure the features of the casino are promoted via the appropriate channels. If you’re starting out in your marketing career you would do well to pick a casino as your focus. Here’s why: casinos have lots of exciting things going on from celebrity endorsements to top chefs, performing artists, and the latest gaming technologies. Working on any number of these projects gives you a diverse portfolio of experience and means that no two days will ever be the same.

Online and telecommuting

Bear in mind that these days there are a proliferation of online casinos, too. This extends from everything to your classic casino games right the way through to Bingo. And where there are virtual games to be played, there are also job opportunities. Chat room hosts, for example, help to create that shared experience that players would normally find at a casino parlour. Online casinos also need a lot of the things required by conventional casinos – marketing, regulatory and legal advice, finance and HR to name a few.


One area where casinos need to be on top of their game is finance. With cash coming in from so many different areas, every casino needs professional finance teams that can deliver to a high standard, whether it’s accounting, payroll or tax specialists. If you can prove your worth in the casino industry you will be in high demand as this is one area where finance is at the forefront.


Regulatory and legal advice

Casinos need to comply with a whole host of regulations and are often required to undergo audits to prove they are doing so. Legal professionals with a background in regulatory advice will do well in this industry and will be needed to advice casinos on keeping up with industry standards.

Human resources

HR for casinos can be very diverse and offers an interesting array of different industries to work within. For example, a casino might need to hire performers, top chefs, dealers, as well as all of the business related professions mentioned above. This means that a human resource manager working for a casino will never have a dull moment and will develop a diverse set of skills as a result.


Did you know that most casinos need hospitality staff like waiting staff, bar tenders, bar managers and restaurant managers? Many high profile casinos have top restaurants and employ a well renowned chef to head up their kitchens. You can expect decent wages and a high level of training at these higher profile establishments, so they can be great places to start out. Best of all, these options open you up to being able to work at international casinos around the world, or even on cruise ships to exotic destinations.