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4 things you don’t know about petrol stations

From insurance, to health and safety, to salaries, there is a lot of think about when it comes to managing a petrol station. So if you’re keen to steer your career in this direction, keep reading. In this blog, we take a look at four things you might not know about petrol stations and how […]

Using customer reviews as an aid within your business

A customer review, whether you love them or dread them, is an asset to your business because it provides an honest account of how well your business is currently performing. Regarding the product or service you’re trying to market, a review can help you improve business standards and increase revenue. In an age where the […]

Business Costs Hidden in Staff Breaks

Of all the business expenses employers naturally look at with the view of perhaps cutting back a bit on them and adding to the bottom line, the cost of your employees taking breaks at work is one which has previously been rather challenging to accurately gauge. Paper cup and disposable catering specialist, Inn Supplies, breaks […]

Could you be focusing on too much content?

The question that writers have been debating for centuries is; how much content would be considered too much? SEO experts have for many years emphasised the need for long-form content. In an era where keyword optimisation is critical, many have been of the belief that longer content results in more keywords, meaning there will be […]

The Tankersley Project

The Tankersely waste water treatment plant has been operating for over 60 years and has been providing quality water to more than 2000 customers in the area as well as to businesses. The water quality in Birdwell Dike was always okay, but there was room for improvement and with new technologies available for water treatment […]

Simple ways to cut business costs in 2017

It’s smart for business owners to enter a new calendar year with thoughts of streamlining, maximising and cost-cutting. But tightening your belt needn’t be uncomfortable. Here are several painless ways to make small changes with big results, and set yourself up for a profitable 2017. 

Industries that have potential to thrive in 2017

A lot of economic uncertainty has arisen as a result of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, and this poses particular challenges if you are attempting to discern which British sectors will be on the up in 2017. While you probably won’t be surprised to learn that we don’t have a crystal ball, […]

Small Business Can Generate Big Business

It is a well-known fact that in these days of specialized technology it is very possible for small businesses to operate on a grand scale. Each year we see a leap in terms of additional technological expertise which boosts small business. It is no longer necessary to rent or buy office space and all the […]

Market Invoice

Are you tired of stressing over unpaid invoices? Running a business can be tough financially; especially if you sell products and services to other businesses, rather than consumers. Typically, businesses pay every 30, 60 or every 90 days. That leaves a potentially long gap before you actually see any profit.