Certifications You Should Invest In This Year

Like any business, small or large if you’re wanting to succeed – you’ll be wanting your staff to be as well trained as possible. There are different things you can do to achieve this, and to make sure you have the best skills possible within your work force. Read our top tips on some of the best courses and qualifications we think you should invest in this year…



It goes without saying that your team must be equipped in IT, especially if you’re working in a digital industry, or most industries for that matter. Having your staff go on particular courses will not only influence your businesses knowledge on certain aspects, but it will also help protect your IT systems, and help you learn much more about IT security than you could ever imagine. And in 2016, when security should be considered number one on your checklist of things to look out for, this kind of training should be an obvious choice for your IT team, or your management if you’re working in a much smaller team. Make sure you do your research into what the different courses involve, Global Knowledge Network have a number of courses that can help your IT security and systems.

Productivity and team skills

This one you may not think of initially. But whether a small SME, or a business working on a much larger scale I’m sure you’ll be wanting your team to be as productive as possible, and more importantly to be on time. These kind of courses can be great for getting your organisation back on track. They benefit everyone; they mean that your team are left feeling refreshed and better equipped with what is expected of them – which during certain times when motivation is slipping could be extremely useful. And, how do they benefit you? Well I think it probably goes without saying doesn’t it – your staff are refreshed and trained in what is expected from them. The only problem with something like this, is it could dishearten your staff into thinking you’re sending them hints on your expectations, be sure to tailor how you phrase the courses.

Social Media

It’s an obvious one, but in 2016 social media is bigger than ever. Investing in a course can help get your workforce stay up to date with trending topics, and the basics in between of knowing what to do. As well as help you understand which platform is going to work best for your organisation, some courses will also go into detail about paid for advertising and how to use this. There are so many of these types of courses around, and you can usually pick them up for reasonable prices as well. Not only will they cover the main platforms you think are important, but they will probably also go into detail about others that are important to make a presence on.