How to Choose the Best Brand Ambassador for Your Business

If your business is attending or hosting an event, then choosing the right brand ambassadors to promote your products or services is essential. Because they deal directly with your potential customers, you need to choose ambassadors that represent the ethos and aims of your business. Whether working on an individual campaign or you are looking for a full-time ambassador, we have rounded up some top tips to ensure you choose the right person for the job.


Find somebody with passion

When working with brand ambassadors, passion is everything. If you can find somebody who genuinely loves your brand and can display the same enthusiasm and knowledge as you, then you’ve struck gold! When interviewing potential brand ambassadors, ask about their experiences with your products or services and see how they react. Is this just another marketing job, or do they really want to make a difference to your brand? The more they genuinely care about what you do, the more they’ll want to help you succeed at events and functions.

Work with staffing experts

Even if you know exactly what you want out of your brand ambassador, it isn’t always easy to recruit the ideal candidate. Instead of spending valuable time and resources trying to recruit candidates yourself, you could rely on an event staffing firm to help you find a suitable person. Not only do staffing agencies have the knowledge and expertise needed to recruit ambassadors, but they also have the contacts to find the right person easily and efficiently, so you don’t need to invest in recruitment drives or advertising campaigns.

Appearance counts

Customer-facing brand ambassadors need to look the part, so try to find somebody that reflects your brand. If your business serves healthy smoothies, then you need an active, healthy person to represent your brand and engage with your customers. Be sure your ambassadors are well presented; offer suitable clothing, training programmes and encourage your ambassadors to smile – the more approachable and friendly they appear, the higher the chances of a positive engagement.

Choose someone established

Where possible, try to find a well-established influencer with experience in your marketplace. You can consult companies like Unruly ( or similar others that manage social media influencers to weigh out your best options. Whether this means working with a popular fashion blogger who has a lot of followers and readers, or an industry expert with the knowledge needed to recommend your product to the masses, you can use their audience and unique positions in the marketplace your advantage.

Find someone who relates to millennials

To maximize the return on your investment (ROI), try to find a candidate who works well with millennials. As a growing shopping target for businesses across the world, millennials are loyal and dependable, with 62% saying they would be more likely to become a loyal customer if a brand engages with them on social media. 60% said that they stay loyal to brands that they love, so focusing on millennials and getting them involved with your brand at a young age can offer long-term business benefits.