Choosing the right kind of web host server for your new online recruitment company

Online recruitment is big business at the moment; the way people apply for a job and the process for advertising vacancies has changed beyond all recognition over the last 15 years. Candidates can apply for a job anywhere in the world at the push of a button and there are recruiters reaching out to find talent in all corners of the globe.

If you’ve taken the step to look to launch your own recruitment website, there are a number of areas you’ll be looking at; finding clients, deciding your target audience, marketing budget and looking at recruitment agency software providers such as Darwin to put together the right package of resources for your business.

One important aspect will be how you decide to host your website. In general, there are three choices; a dedicated server, a shared server or VPS hosting.

A dedicated server means that you buy or rent a server which only you have access to. This means that you don’t have to share with other account holders but also means you are financing a very expensive resource you probably don’t need. Dedicated servers are designed to be used by those companies who are expecting to receive very high volumes of traffic. They also need expertise to manage and administer so aren’t suitable for small start-up enterprises.

A shared server means exactly this. The server is equally shared by a number of account users. Depending on the size of the server this could be hundreds or perhaps even thousands. There’s very little technical knowledge required to use a shared server account and they are usually offered on a monthly package contract. Financially speaking, this is the most cost effective route to take when starting a website for the first time with the only drawback being that sharing a server means that everyone has the same access to memory and CPU space so if a user abuses their usage then everyone else can suffer a slowdown in site speed.

VPS means Virtual Private Server. Making the decision to have this kind of web hosting means that you have a small section of a larger server, but it is set up as a virtual mini-server. VPS means that you have all the features of a dedicated server but without the cost involved. It’s a great half-way house for anyone with some technical skills as there are some administrative management responsibilities but doesn’t need the budget to enjoy the enhanced resources.

Web hosting is a personal choice but for those who are starting out on the road to website management and the world of ecommerce, the shared server option is a good one until further skills and confidence are gained with regards to the backroom management and then moving on to VPS hosting is an excellent solution for any growing SME who is looking for an excellent online presence with a low-budget price tag.