Should You Consider a Career in SEO?

See if the following sounds familiar? “What do you do for a living?” “I work in the SEO industry.” Silence. If you are a marketer, you are very familiar with these types of conversations even though search engine optimisation is a very popular service that is in high demand within the digital landscape of today. In fact, over 60% of SEO agencies like this leading Magento agency in London cite that SEO is one of the most in demand types of services for marketing requested.

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Unfortunately, there are not any colleges or universities that offer a degree option for SEO. This leads many to ask how SEO professionals ended up in those positions. Needless to say, the path is not a straight one. What are the issues that are preventing many from pursuing SEO careers? Surprisingly, there are several reasons.

It Is a Dynamic Field

Consider the fact that Google is the main search engine, and more than 65% of desktop search engine traffic comes through the search engine giant. It also handles approximately 85% of mobile searches. Some may conclude that having a career in SEO is akin to working at Google.

It can be challenging to keep up with all of the algorithm changes the search engine conducts seemingly every other month. Due to the fluctuations in these algorithms, SEO would be very different to standardise so it could be taught at a university level.

SEO is Case by Case

Every SEO client is unique. Clients can be:

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Product offerings
  • Service offerings
  • Industry verticals

How could an instructor teach students these types of things? It would be nearly impossible. When you factor in that technological standards and practices are constantly being updated, it would be impossible to put together a congruent ‘how to’ college course for SEO. From dental seo to lawyer seo, there is so much to know in order to get started.

This presents an opportunity for companies to hire their own in-house SEO experts. There is also a demand to find individuals with the potential to have successful SEO careers.

There are a number of traits and qualities that help make a successful SEO expert. These indicate whether you would enjoy having a SEO career.

You Enjoy Words

It is sad that university Journalism and English majors have such a bad reputation these days. Over the past few years these majors have been looked down on not only by college students, but the public as well. However, most staff members on some of the world’s largest corporations have degrees in writing related majors.

SEO involves writing. The content you generate should not only be readable by a search engine, it should be informative for humans as well. If you have a way with the written word, you could be successful in SEO.

You Are a Part of the Digital World

If you are truly passionate about digitally related topics, you could carve yourself out a niche in the world of search engine optimisation. SEO is becoming more and more an integrated discipline. A good example of this is the partnership between Twitter and Google.

Although having certain traits and talents can be contributing factors to a successful career in search engine optimisation, there is not a direct path to this career. But, if you are determined, you could get trained with a company and carve out your own career.