Cost-effective marketing options

Marketing is a tough game and with the almost daily introduction of new methods, it’s hard for companies to identify what techniques to use when creating their marketing strategy, and what will give them the biggest return on investment.


If you’ve got a smaller budget, it’s even harder – where do you channel a limited budget? We have a list of some of the techniques you may want to focus on, with the help of button badges specialist Badgemaster.


If you do one thing, and one thing only, make sure you get a website. Not only do they give you exposure by allowing you to appear in Google search results, it allows people who already know your business to look you up. You may require specialist help to appear in the search results for your chosen keywords, so getting advice from an SEO professional is advisable.

Google Adwords

To attract people to your website, you can also test out Google Adwords. This works by displaying text adverts on Google results – and you’ll only pay when your advert is clicked.

A Google Adword is essentially an elevator pitch. You want it to be short, sweet and worded in a way that encourages Google users to click. You may also want your ad to fit in with the results you are displaying them with so that Google users feel that your website will answer their questions. Though watch out because if the visitor feels your website is not relevant enough, they will close it and you will pay for a wasted click.

Local PR

If you have positive news that you think is worth sharing, it would be beneficial to write a press release about it, and syndicate it with local and industry journalists to get your business into local publications and online journals for free.

If you have a local TV or radio station consider advertising with them as well as their prices can be lower than a mainstream station. Yes, even in the age of streaming and the internet there are still many that listen to the radio or watch TV. These Infinity Dish statistics may be useful for you to understand your target market when choosing this option.

The types of stories that local PR is interested in are local events, opening a new branch, or having a recruitment drive; something positive that benefits others in the area. When you’re writing the press release, do so by answering the five W’s: who, what, where, when and why. Include quotes from company influencers, so that journalists have a company representative to quote if they want to reproduce the article.

Social media

An effective way to promote business to consumer (B2C) organisations is to advertise on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can reach brand new audiences by creating a social media advert (include some info about your business, some attractive imagery and a link to your website) and you’re ready to go. With Facebook in particular, you can really narrow down on the type of audience you want to promote your message to.