COVID-19 – Remote Working Wellness

When the entire world faces a crisis that occurs only once every few decades, the effects can be quite jarring. The last time that the world had heard of a large scale pandemic like the coronavirus was the Spanish flu of 1919, or even the Hong Kong flu of 1968.

Now, in this amid coronavirus, we all have to learn somehow, how to survive and get on with our regular lives.

While it is next to impossible actually to go back to complete normalcy during a pandemic, people around the world are doing the best to get back to their daily activities. Of course, to survive, one needs to work. But with numerous lockdowns and restrictions, is it possible to get back to a healthy working lifestyle?

The answer is both yes, and no. While most people are now working from home due to compulsion, it cannot be said that it has been any more natural or any more ‘normal.’ There has been a lot of disruptions in work-life balance, typical routines, and our daily lifestyles.

If you are worried about the changes within your workplace, the wellness culture in your organisation or you want more advice on how best to support employees through this time, then reach out and speak to one of our employment experts.

However, there is no choice other than allowing ourselves to get used to remote working. The most important thing to do at this time is to be able to maintain a healthy work-life along with other healthy lifestyle habits.

There are a few things that you can do to implement some good remote work ideas along with mental and physical wellness during these tough times.

  • Maintain a work schedule

Before Covid-19, most of the working people had a set schedule to follow daily. This included not only a set time to enter and leave their office, but it also entailed a certain amount of work which they were required to deliver within a stipulated time.

When we started working from home, things changed suddenly and quite drastically.

Our work time and our time started merging, and soon enough, it became difficult to draw a line between the two. This kind of lifestyle can be hazardous for both our health as well as our work productivity.

The best way to fix this issue is to have a proper working schedule, just like you would have at your regular workplace. Set a sit every single day when you will finish up your morning tasks and sit to work.

During that time, you should concentrate wholly on your work and try not to get distracted with other things. Although this is easier said than done, you should try as far as possible to maintain this schedule.

You can take your lunch break generally as you would, and then get back to work once your break is up. Again, an evening break is usual, but you should only try and leave your room, or your new ‘office,’ once you are done with your work for the day.

This will vary day to day, as you are expected to take care of your home as well, but having a work schedule can ensure that you get your proper working hours and can deliver your work without any delays.

  • Exercising and staying active

Once you are done with your household chores and then your work, it can be quite hard to find the energy to exercise, or even go for a walk. However, it is crucial not only for your physical wellbeing but also for your mental health.

You are not expected to run 5 miles or even engage in strenuous workouts. However, some simple movements stretch and breathing exercises can do a world of good.

A few simple things that you can do each day to keep yourself active are:

  • Simple breathing exercises once a day
  • Yoga or stretching for 15 minutes a day
  • Neck and shoulder exercises to avoid cramps or aches
  • Eye exercises
  • Morning or evening walks once a day

If you feel completely at a loss without your gym trainers or even your friends, you can always log on to online workout classes, yoga classes, and even group meditations.

These are not only a great way to get the workouts done, but also allow you to connect with others during this difficult time.

  • Set boundaries while working

When working from home, it can be easy to get distracted or to extend your working hours, pushing that deadline just a little more, or staying up late to reach the target. This habit can become incredibly taxing on your mental health as well as your physical health.

The right way to fix this problem is to set specific boundaries for your work timings. Make it a point to turn off your laptop and emails, or your work phone after a particular hour in the evening. When sitting with your family, or during eating times, make sure that you don’t carry your work with you to the table.

Inculcating these habits will make sure that you don’t tire yourself out, have enough time for yourself and your family, and can still produce good quality work daily.

  • Create a workspace

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when working remotely is to carry your work along with you everywhere. This will slowly dissolve any boundaries that you have between your work and your personal life, and take a toll on your health.

If possible, try and create a workspace for yourself in your home. This can be another room altogether, where you keep your work files, your laptop, and other work-related tools, or it can merely be a small space that you create for yourself somewhere in your room or your home. As far as possible, try and reduce your distractions so that you can focus on your work.

Working remotely sounds ideal, but in reality, after doing it for months on end, it can get quite severe. However, the more time we spend working from home, the better equipped we are at managing our time and lifestyles. It is vital to work out a regular working schedule while also managing to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. Keeping yourself mentally fit and active, doing creative things, and spending some quality time alone helps ensure that you don’t burn out and can produce high-quality work even while working remotely.

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