How to create a better landing page for your business?

Landing pages are crucial when it comes to bringing customers back and getting business done. You have succeeded in getting your leads interested in clicking your link and have brought them to the landing page via the link clicked from your social media post or your blog. It is believed that the more landing pages you have, the more you will succeed in bringing in better leads. That alone will not be enough for leads and retaining them. You need a responsive and attractive web design with colors and font that match with what you are doing. Expressing precisely what you deal in and what you are offering the customers has to be done creatively on the landing page first. The top portion what the customer sees is only for that and then you can include further links and other call-to-action elements below your main content.


It is important to consider your business and whether the page is intended for a B2C or B2B company. Further adding your social media conversations that can boost your business can also be a part of this landing page. Conversing in a simple and easy-to-understand language is very important. If it can be crisp and attractive, you are on the winning side. Personalized pages add more value to your customers and they are all the more likely to buy your claims. You can easily make them with the help of a landing page builder. Some of the best marketing landing page builders can be found in along with its features. Adding social media handles and enabling the customers to share the page with their friends can be even more fruitful.

What type of Landing Page do you need?

There are different types of landing pages based on the functionality. Landing pages can be a lead generation page or a click-through page; it can be a dedicated page for a specific campaign or the homepage of your website. Lead generation pages are required when you are trying to bring in more traffic to your website with the lead’s permission. Here you get them to input their email id and request them to subscribe to your newsletters. It requires a web form where the user can input his / her basic details such as their name, locality, email id and phone number or age. This page need not be linked to your website and can exist separately. A click-through page is one that provides some information about what the company does and the user has to click on a button or link to go to the next page or to know further details. This first page has to be very interesting if you want your customers to click through to the next page. The homepage is the perfect landing page if you want to promote your brand as a whole instead of a specific product or offer. A dedicated page for a campaign is the most advised way to use landing pages as you can be very specific about what you want to promote and the customer will also be happy to know about it as per the link or button that lead them to the page.

Landing Pages Themes

Attractive themes for landing pages can be bought ready made from various vendors. This makes things quite easy for you to just install the theme and get your content in it and use it along with your website. It is as simple as plug and play. You can even create your own page easily with your own content and style using the various components available in the theme. This saves you a lot of time, energy and resource you will need, especially for making a landing page which will be used for a single promotion. There are thousands of paid and free landing themes and as expected, the paid ones will be more attractive and align with your marketing campaign or the specific requirement for which you are creating a landing page. Some of the vendors also offer built-in web forms which can be useful for taking in customer data, image editor, and analytic reports on how effective the landing page has been for your campaign.

How do you decide on the landing page?

If you are campaigning for a specific product or offer, a dedicated landing page is the best option. If you are promoting the brand as a whole you can either choose the home page, which may be distracting with too much information, or the lead generation page which actually serves multi-purpose. You have valuable customer data which can be used for many campaigns and the information passed can be customized based on customer preference. Lead generating landing pages are the best and you can choose the right theme based on the functionality and the nature of your business.