Developing an App to Manage a Contingent Workforce

Better known as freelancers or temporary staffers, a contingent workforce is basically a backup for times when extra help may be needed. The problem is, when you are managing a temporary workforce it is sometimes difficult to staff them and keep them assigned to jobs, especially those out in the field. If your company hires contingent workers regularly, you might want to improve efficiency in managing them.


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Typical Uses for Contingent Workers

When seeking to employ a temporary workforce, the first thing you need to do is identify the purpose they will serve. Sometimes contingent workers are hired permanently after an initial period and as a position becomes available, but in the meantime, they are there to back up your full time workforce.

There are times contingent workers are needed when orders exceed your ability to pump them out and other times a temporary hire can help with a backlog of office work, inventories and other routine tasks that have been set aside for lack of time to complete them. No matter why you need a contingent staffing solution, the problem still exists on how to manage them efficiently to ensure an adequate ROI.

Mobile Applications to the Rescue

From recruitment to training to assigning tasks, the perfect solution for tracking and managing a contingent workforce would be a mobile application tied into your company’s servers. Interested workers could join, download the app and then submit an application all from the same mobile app.

If hired, workers can be called in through that app as needed, provided with all the necessary information they need to get the job done and communicate with the home office if out in the field. Any business that regularly hires contingent workers should seek the services of enterprise mobile app developers to create a proprietary app for their specific needs.

How the App Will Be Used

Initially, a person interested in signing on as a temporary worker could fill out an application right from a mobile device after completing the ‘join’ process. From there HR can call in recruits, interview them and either assign them a contingent worker log in or pass them up on this round. As work becomes available that meets that worker’s ability, HR schedules the worker who then follows the directives on the screen in front of him/her.

Right there from the mobile app the worker can get assignments, accept or deny them, learn key tasks he/she will be responsible for and even clock in and out at the beginning and end of each workday. With today’s technology and a large audience of workers interested in placement, a mobile app can be your number one tool in recruiting and utilising contingent workers.

With the economy continually in flux, many employers are afraid to hire further full-time, permanent workers so they turn to temporary hires as a solution.

With a web based mobile app it is possible to continually be refreshing your staff as the need arises and with a minimal amount of disruption in the process. Is your company often in need of temporary workers? You might want to consider the benefits of a mobile app that will simplify the entire process. Get one developed specifically for your company and you’re good to go from there, now and in the future. This truly is technology at its best.