Is developing an app really expensive?

A very common concept about developing apps is that you might have to shell out a fortune for creating one. But in reality, it is not always true. You don’t have to spend a fortune in developing an app and in order to use your cash judiciously and so that you are not ripped off in the process, you will have to think about how you operate, your operating environment, your affordability, nature of your business, and the proficiency with which you are able to hire the developers, like those found at Visual Objects, in the first place.


What will determine the cost of app development?

App development expenses are relative and you cannot adhere to the same principles of app development for all types of business. And here is where the crux of the matter lies. Perhaps, the business you are running may not require you to spend so much on app development especially if it is a static app that you are aiming at. On the other hand, a business identity that is aiming for dynamic app will be required to shell out more on resources that it employs for getting the app that will work for its business model. Nowadays, with the rise in demand for instant services and technology moving at a faster pace than ever, the creation of dynamic apps that capture real-time data and deliver value to the customer is very important. In such cases, developing an app might require the expertise of companies such as Vantiq ( that can bring in better solutions, so these factors should also be considered when determining the cost of building a useful application. In case of a dynamic app, there has to be frequent exchange or retrieval of data from the server database, which is not the case as in static app. This can decide which one to opt for depending on the type of business.

Type of platform you are developing the app for is another crucial element that decides the app development cost. When you take into account your target audience, you are not sure whether you are catering to an android user or an iPhone user. So, the platform for which you develop the app has to be multifunctional. This is because you might have a customer base that uses android and iPhone to the same extent. So, you cannot afford to lose out on the clients using either type of the device/operating system.

Another important aspect that the app developing companies won’t tell you is the type of professional it is hiring to get your job done. So, the developing company might be hiring someone for a little pay but it is covering the cost by taking double that amount from you. So, you have to avail services of a company that is reputed and has been in this app development business for many years and are essentially not the fly-by-night type of a company. Where there is transparency in the manner of their operation, you can expect the cost of app development to be reasonable and one that has been honestly calculated too. It is best to opt for a company that you are made aware of through word of mouth or from friends and family that have already availed their services. Alternatively, consider using one of the most popular companies, such as Expedition Co, for example. They can help businesses to create quality applications. Perhaps you should find out more about their services online.

Basically, it has been seen that when you breakdown the app development cost, the expenses can be broken down into the following expenses. These include expenses incurred on infrastructure, design, nature of business for which the app is being created, features and functionality of the app, planning, and above all app administration.