Digitising Your Business

We’ve long since solidified our existence as playing out well into the Information Era, with some people justifiably arguing that we’re even in a specific pocket of the information era. Who can argue with someone who says that we’re in the Social Media Era?

As a result, if anything you do to earn a living doesn’t have some kind of online presence, it’s likely invisible. Sure, you can definitely do more than just get-by in some industries that service our primary needs, but even in that case, somebody who has the vision to put part of those operations online will ultimately benefit from your hard work more than you do. Think about the affiliate marketer who posts higher profits than the manufacturer of a product sold on Amazon, for example.

You would think that the manufacturer will always post more profits, simply on account of the fact that each sale made by each affiliate equates to a sale made by the manufacturer. But, what about manufacturing costs and other overheads? What about the very real possibility that the manufacturer is in debt, having had to borrow money on which they’ll pay interest, to start their manufacturing business. This is why many manufacturing businesses look for the help of a service like SYTE (learn more about SYTE) and many more, who offer Enterprise Resource Planning in order to get manufacturing businesses to the best level they can be, as they are experts on the manufacturing business.

Basically what we’re getting at here is that at the very least, some part of your enterprise should be digitised, with the ultimate goal being digitising as much of it as possible.

Every time you redeem a voucher for a UK no deposit bonus, for instance, do you stop to think about the fact that the online casino platform on which you’re trying your luck and enjoying yourself could very well run its entire operations exclusively online? It’s possible these days to by-pass the brick-and-mortar phase, even though in some instances it still makes for a nice complementary part of what is largely a digital business…

The million dollar question, however, is how do you go about digitising YOUR operation?

Existing distribution channels

Don’t say nobody told you, but the next biggest industry all set to take the world by storm is that of user-fulfilled deliveries. There will be some kinks to iron out as far as it goes with the likes of security and insurance, etc, but in the very near future, someone who is merely making their daily commute home from work will be able to earn some extra money by picking up a package to be delivered, and indeed dropping it off at its targeted destination en route home!

Distribution channels similar to this are already gaining traction as far as their development, with e-commerce websites taking full advantage of parcel-delivery variations of services such as those offered by Uber.

So with Content Management System e-commerce platforms available for next to nothing, coupled with the emerging, user-based distribution channels, what excuse do you have not to take your business online and digitise as much of it as you can? There is no excuse and you’re compelled to act now, because if you don’t, you’ll be left behind in a market where the new normal is jumping online first to order absolutely anything that your heart desires or that you need.