Distributions for SMEs: What options are available?


Image courtesy of iStock

As one of the country’s many SMEs it’s fair to say the business world can be quite competitive for you. As such you’ll probably be looking for new and innovative ways to get your small to medium enterprise off the ground and ahead of your competitors. One sure-fire way to not only improve your service offering but also to potentially give you a competitive edge is to offer more delivery options.

Deliveries are an important part of pretty much all businesses today and imagine you’d bought a product or service and it took a long time to arrive, you certainly wouldn’t be impressed. So why risk the same with your business? Here’s a few options you might want to consider investing in:

Standard Parcel Delivery

Firstly, you should stick to tried and tested methods of standard deliveries. This is often a popular option, but you should definitely consider who you send parcels with, or at least make sure you can stick to the 3-5 day turnaround times.

Time-sensitive Options

Many of today’s consumers are accustomed to receiving information and other items quickly, all courtesy of the use of smartphones and tablets. This is a huge market you should look to impress and what better way than to use a courier company to send out packages in next and even same-day timescales?

Bigger and Better

You should also think above and beyond your standard-sized parcel – particularly if you’re a supplier of bulk or large items. People will most likely prefer to get all their bigger consignments at once rather than in several smaller packages, so again look to have in place such delivery services if applicable to your company.

A Wider Audience

Lastly, if you’ve yet to setup international deliveries and are sending parcels to the USA or Australia then you’re missing out on a big opportunity. There is a huge market just waiting for you to tap into, so don’t continue to let these clients pass you by. Offer international deliveries and make sure your product gets to a wider audience.

As aforementioned, getting ahead of the rest and making sure your customers are happy with what your SME provides is essential. Ultimately the delivery can be the last part of their shopping experience with your business and it needs to reflect the same standard of quality you should have with your other operations. So choose from some of the above and give them a try, you could soon start to see a wealth of benefits, with customer retention and acquisition.