Do You Love Working With Machines? Here Are The Perfect Careers For You

There are some people who are not suited for sitting in offices five days a week for the rest of their working life. Some would rather be getting their hands dirty or trying their luck at fixing something that is broken. These types of people love taking things apart so they can put them back together again. They excel at problem solving and are rather fantastic in a pinch. Does that sound like you? Then, we have got the top careers that you should be thinking about for your future.


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Car Mechanic

I’d be the first to admit I don’t know much about cars. Just the other day, I rang up my dad to ask when the oil needs changing to find I was three weeks too late. I know roughly the safety checks you have to make on a car. I know you need to kick the tires to make sure they are full of air and that if it’s making an unusual sound, it’s probably time to take it in for a checkup. So with that in mind, I’m fairly confident that a career in fixing cars is not right for me. But it could be right for you if you are a complete petrol head, and you know just what makes cars tick. You should love playing under the bonnet and trying different things. In your youth, you might have loved suping up your car to make it go faster. If that’s the case, you could be perfectly suited for a career as a mechanic. In a few years, you could be fitting Michelin Tyres onto a brand new Mercedes. If you love cars, I can’t think of a better job.


My dad was an engineer, a rather great one. He always said the key trait of an engineer was that when they try and build something they throw away the instructions. A proper engineer will never resort to browsing the manual. They’ll try everything else first, so he said. Whether or not that’s true, the desire to build and shape a creation without any help certainly fits into the role of an engineer. You could end up building anything from the next spaceship to head into the deep depths of the unknown. Or, perhaps you’ll build something that combines art with architecture; the next golden gate bridge. Who knows what you could be responsible for in a few years time as a trained engineer.

Computer Programmer

Of course, not all machines are made up of cogs, nuts and bolts. The latest tech is more to do with understanding computers rather than anything else. Even modern cars are now primarily run by computers. But you’ll still be working with machinery while also pushing the world into the modern age. It’s not just about 1s and 0s either; you can create your own codes designing new, wonderful concepts. A game called No Man’s Sky will be released next year. It allows players to explore universes that create themselves. It used a mathematical formula and was created by three programmers in a garage. If you have a knack for programming and working with the latest tech, anything is possible.

So, if you have got the creative mindset with a love for machinery, these are the jobs for you.