Don’t make these simple attire mistakes for a business meeting

Want to make a good impression in your business meeting? Then follow these simple sartorial steps to dressing for success.  

Wear what suits your body

If the cap fits or in this case the suit – then wear it. If your suit doesn’t fit well, then don’t wear it – find an alternative.

A frequent sartorial mistake made in business meetings; wearing an ill-fitting gives a bad first impression. If it’s too big, you risk looking sloppy or inexperienced – like you’ve just borrowed your big brother’s suit and hope to step into his shoes. It’s not a good look. Wear a suit that doesn’t fit, and you risk looking like you just don’t care – so why would anyone give you their business?

Take your first steps to successful business meeting attire – wear a suit that fits, and you’ll give a good first impression. If it’s not possible to have a suit made to measure for you, then buy an off the peg suit and have it altered to fit. When buying off the peg – pay attention to the quality of the fabric rather than the name on the label, and you’ll get a better result.

Wear a suit tailored by the professionals for optimum business meeting attire. Bespoke suits London, are fitted to both ‘suit’ and ‘suit’ you, so you’ll always look your best and make a good impression.

Consider the colour and style, too. If you don’t feel confident about choosing the right style, then ask the advice of your tailor or stick to a single-breasted two-piece suit in a dark colour. However, there are industries where injecting a little personality – like a jaunty waistcoat – works well. Do your research before you go and find out what is appropriate. Whether you’re dressing for an interview or to win new business an injection of well-placed colour can make you stand out from the crowd.

It’s all in the detail

When it comes to meeting attire – attention to detail is everything. Attend to your sartorial details impeccably, and you’ll give the impression of someone who attends well to business too.  From your chosen tie to the length of your socks – small details are telling.

Wear an appropriate tie for your suit and wear it to the right length – so it just touches your belt.  Ditch the jokey one you got for Christmas, and choose a colour that complements your overall outfit.

Make sure that you unbutton your buttoned-up self when you sit down in the meeting. Undo the buttons on your jacket, and you’ll look comfortable and confident. Also, allow your shirt cuffs to show just below the sleeves of your jacket – about a quarter of an inch.

When it comes to shoes, ensure your socks are long enough that you don’t get the dreaded sock gap – just watch a little of the House of Commons live on TV to see what we mean by this! Though no one loves a jaunty coloured sock better than me, for ease it’s best to match your sock colour to your suit.  And remember not to spoil your look by wearing too casual a shoe – don a smart suit shoe and make sure you’ve polished them to perfection.

There you have it, our top tips for avoiding sartorial pitfalls and dressing for success in a business meeting.