E-commerce Businesses Need These SEO Techniques

All businesses with an online presence should use search engine optimization, but not everyone should use it in the same way. An e-commerce website has a different setup and needs to something like a blog or a site advertising a legal practice. If you own an online store, you need to pay attention to your product descriptions and images and be extra careful to avoid duplicate content. Getting traffic to your site is all about converting it into sales, so conversions are highly significant too. E-commerce business owners should use these tips to make sure their SEO is doing its job and leading to higher traffic and sales.

Keyword Research

Using the right keywords is always important to SEO, but it could be different for an e-commerce site. One of the things you should think about is how general or specific your keywords are, and what people are looking for when they use them. For example, if someone searches for “black shoes”, they may only be browsing and unlikely to go on to make a purchase. But if they search for “brand style size 5”, they’re nearing the end of the buying process. By bringing in these people, you can get visitors that are more likely to lead to a sale.

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Avoid Duplicate Content

It’s important not to have the same content on different pages, no matter what kind of business site you run. But it might be more difficult to avoid with an online store. You might have a lot of products, and some of them could be similar and hard to describe uniquely. But you need to be careful about using the same phrases and chunks of text too much, or it will reflect badly on your site. Search engine algorithms don’t take kindly to duplicate content, so either put a lot of time into product descriptions or hire someone to write them for you.

Product Descriptions

Describing your products is a significant part of the content on your website. You need to tell customers all about each item, not just to help them find it but to increase their chances of buying it. They could be wary of purchasing something if there isn’t enough information about it. Use a digital agency to write you search engine optimized, unique content, instead of using the descriptions from your supplier. If you use generic text, it will be all over the web from other people who sell the same products.

Product Images

Photos are essential to improving your sales too, but you also need to optimize your images. Search engines can’t see the pictures, so you need to give them text that they can read. Some of the things you should do include putting your keywords in the ALT tags of the images. You should try to make them relevant and unique. Filling your image tags helps with accessibility too, so it’s something you should do regardless.

Good SEO practice is vital to bring in traffic to your site and convert it to sales. Remember that your e-commerce business needs slightly different treatment to other websites.