Employ Smart Or Don’t Start

When starting your own business there are a lot of risks you need to make in order to grow and progress as a company, but one corner you should definitely not cut is employment.

When first beginning, you’re not likely to go out and have a hiring spree as it’s neither logical nor good for finances, but when employing your first few employees you should ensure you choose the right candidates.

Employing anyone can be a difficult task from just a couple of face-to-face meetings but here are some tips to help you find the ideal candidate:


Attitude is an important characteristic to consider and having a positive, never-give-up attitude is advantageous. Even if the candidate has some excess baggage, having a positive attitude will make that person a good candidate for a new business.


Of course, you’re not going to hire somebody that has absolutely no idea about anything you offer, but you do need to hire someone that has the ability to come up with creative solutions and can work on their own intelligence.


During the interviewing process, it is useful to mention that this role could quite well be the hardest role the candidate has ever had, but also say it could be the best. If the candidate is still interested after this then you could be onto a winner. Someone who wants to constantly better themselves regardless of the workload and are impatient to reach targets is a great candidate to come across.


Bad news is going to happen occasionally, and you might not hear about it straight away, but when it comes to a meeting or the time for the news to be spoken about, you want someone that is going to be honest and have the guts to deliver the news instead of trying to cover it up. Unfortunately, it is easy for people to hide information or lie about a situation, so honesty is an extremely beneficial characteristic.

A company that follow a strong employment process is business communications company, Bistech, whose staff has been in service for the company on an average of nine years. The company which started in 1988 has gone from strength to strength based on clever decisions and employing the right people.

Following these recruitment tips is an advantage to any business and will mean your company will build a base for growth. Employing the first person you interview is not a process you want your business to get into, so make sure you choose wisely.