Essential Considerations When Choosing the Right Material For Your Brand’s Stickers And Label

Stickers and labels are an effective way to promote your brand, but it’s important to select the right material for them in order to make sure they stand out and last. Choosing the correct material requires taking into account a range of considerations such as weatherproofing, durability, cost-effectiveness, aesthetics, and other requirements. And in this article, we will discuss all of them so that when you order custom stickers, you will know just what to look for.

1. The look you want for your brand

One of the key aspects when it comes to selecting the right material for your brand’s stickers and labels is the look you want for your brand. This is because the material you choose should accurately represent your brand’s desired aesthetic, whether that’s modern or classic, fun or serious, eye-catching or subtle. What kind of colours, shapes and textures do you want for your stickers or labels? Will glossy or matte look better? All of this should be taken into account when selecting the right material.

2. The environment and climate

You also need to consider where you will be applying the sticker or label, as different environments and climates require different materials and adhesives. For instance, if you’ll be applying your stickers outdoors, then you will need to choose a material that is weatherproof and UV-stabilised. On the other hand, for indoor applications, there are more types of materials to choose from as conditions aren’t as extreme. You can find a list of all materials and their water resistance here.

3. The durability of the material

On top of the environmental considerations, also think about how long you want your stickers and labels to last. Are they part of a limited promotion? Will they only be used during shipping? Or should they last for years to come on a customer’s phone or laptop? This will help you narrow down your material options.

4. The assigned budget

Your chosen material should also fit within the budget that you have set aside for your project. Different materials come with different price points, and certain materials can be more cost-effective than others. It’s important to take this into account when selecting the right material for your project, as it could affect the overall quality of your stickers and labels.

5. The adhesive strength used

Finally, you should consider what type of adhesive strength is needed when choosing a material for your stickers and labels. Different materials require different adhesives, and it’s important to select the right adhesive for your project in order to ensure that the sticker or label will stay in place for as long as possible. Consider the type of surface you will be applying your stickers and labels to, as this can affect the type of adhesive you will need to use.

By taking into account these five essential considerations when selecting the right material for your brand’s stickers and labels, you can ensure that they will be of high quality and last a long time. Carefully evaluate each factor to determine which material will best suit your needs and budget. With the right material selection, you can be sure that your brand’s stickers and labels will stand out and last throughout all kinds of environments.