Five Fast Ways To Destroy Your Career

There’s a lot of attention paid to the concepts of getting the career that you’ve always dreamed of, but equally important is simply to avoid the activities that will destroy that career once you get it.


Five specific examples of behaviors that will knock you right off your professional high horse include drinking and driving, getting stuck with gambling debts, ending up in a nasty divorce, cutting legal corners either personally or professionally, or promoting inequality in any aspect of your life. Avoid those five things, keep your career. One mistake in any of those categories, and you might be kissing it all goodbye.

Drinking and Driving

How many careers are destroyed instantly by one drinking and driving offense? How many lives get kicked right in the knees because of that single mistake? Those are the questions that you should be asking yourself every single time that you consider drinking and driving, and every single time that one of your friends considers drinking and driving as well. These days, the dangers are so well known that you have no excuse for not following safe behaviors that are entirely up to your so far as decisions go.

Gambling Debts

Once you start making a bunch of money at your new dream job, you may be tempted to entertain yourself by gambling. In most cases, this isn’t going to get you any more money at all, but it can lead you into a heap of trouble if you accrue gambling debts that suddenly you can’t pay your way out of. It happens to lots of people every single year – extremely successful people, even. And your bosses will not be happy if you bring that kind of behavior into the company fold.

Nasty Divorce Settlements

In the middle of your brilliant career as a doctor or lawyer, suddenly you and/or your spouse makes some curious decisions, and you can end up with a nasty divorce trial. If enough attention is paid to your behavior, or enough bad publicity heads your way professionally, that could be the end of what would otherwise be your perfect career.

Cutting Legal Corners

Generally speaking, the law is on your side. So, if you decide to start cutting corners on things like taxes, health insurance, property value numbers, or anything else like that, you can quickly end up in hot water that can end your career in a number of different ways. Consider the idea of a real estate agent cheating on property taxes, and you’ll catch the main drift.

Promoting Inequality

If you come across, professionally or personally, as a bigot, as a racist, or as a misogynist, there’s a good chance that someone above you on the corporate food chain is going to take offense. Treat everyone equally physically and verbally, and you should be in the clear.

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