Five Of The Coolest Jobs For People That Like Adventure

For some people just a run of the mill job won’t do. Some people just aren’t cut out for cash registers, cleaning aisles, or punching time clocks to run machines. Some people need adventure for their jobs.

Are you the adventurous type? Are you looking for a fun job that will let you experience amazing things, teach other people, and get that rush you long for? Here are five jobs you just might want to try out.

Cave Tour Guide


A job as a cave tour guide is not for the faint of heart, as one former tour guide mentioned in a blog post. You have to memorize a script, which could be pretty long depending on the history of the caves you are working at.

You will spend a lot of time in the dark, underground. If you have a fear of small places, this is not the job for you. Some caves even have boat rides, so you might need some good arm muscles.

Diving Instructor


If you are a certified diver or have a passion for swimming deep in the ocean you may want to look into become a diving instructor. You’ll need to know more than how to dive and swim in order to excel at teaching as an instructer. For example, this information on scuba tanks is just some of the information an instructor should know.

Once you’re qualified to teach you’ll need to find a place to work. There are plenty of choices. You could teach at a scuba diving school, or start your own business. If you want to have a lot of fun, you can do scuba diving tours around reefs or even shipwrecks. Being an underground tourist trap guide could be pretty exciting.

Ski Instructor


If you want to be a ski instructor you better know how to ski. If you’ve just come off the bunny course you’re definitely not qualified yet. However, if you’re a very experienced skier, and maybe even helped friends and family learn, this could be a great gig for you.

Remember the being a ski instructor probably isn’t going to give you year round work, but it is sure to be an adventure. Also remember that it isn’t all just fun. You will be teaching, not just skiing your life away.

Surf Instructor


If you like surfing maybe you’ll want to make some money teaching other people to surf. You can get a job through a travel job company that lets you go different places to teach people the fun of surfing.

If you live on an ocean with great waves, try getting a gig with a local surf shop if you’re great on a board.

Lion Tamer


Want to work with the circus? Look into becoming a lion tamer.

OK, that last one may definitely be an adventure, but it was more just to make you laugh. These are just a few of the fun adventure jobs that are out there. If you like to make your heart race, get an adventure job!