Five Top Tips for Running a Fashion Business

Running a fashion business certainly isn’t easy, but these five tips could help move things in the right direction.

Employ a balanced staff

Staff who’ve been in the game for many years are undoubtedly a real tool in your arsenal when it comes to running a successful business. But don’t underestimate the ability of younger staff or new graduates. The likes of Jimmy Choo, Erin O’Connor and Grace Woodward were all once graduates of The London College of Fashion.

Know your USP

Almost every market these days is over-saturated, and fashion isn’t excused from this trend. But lots of players often means lots of buyers, and there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a share of this. Because of this saturation, having a unique selling point becomes even more crucial. What is it that your fashion business offers that many others do not? Next morning delivery? High quality fabric at affordable prices? Specialists in extra-small sizes or extra-large sizes? Know what makes you special, and then make sure everyone else knows too.


Set up a reliable stock delivery system

Companies like TNT offer every different facet you may need, from delivering goods in perfect condition and the right time. Returns can also be handled, as can a special service for garment hanging. The reputation of a business can be massively damaged by products arriving late or in a poor condition. Hiring a dependable company to handle things should be an absolute priority.

Know different campaign tactics

The advertising has developed at an astounding rate and continues to at this very second. With companies like Samba TV providing advanced solutions for targeting and measurement, businesses can optimize campaigns much more efficiently. Digital marketing is also fast blooming. There is no fighting its necessity these days, and no need either; there is such a wide range of agencies out there, no matter what your budget. While some fashion businesses will benefit most from TV commercials and search engine optimisation, others need to focus more on advertising options like Pay Per Click. Search Engine Land is a great source of info, and most digital marketing companies are happy to fill you in on the basics in a free initial consultation, and of course hiring an in-house team is also an option.


Remember to enjoy yourself

With all the stresses and strains of running a fashion business, it really is only worthwhile doing if you’re actually enjoying it. Early starts, late finishes, Sunday at your desk and five hour train journeys are only worthwhile if you have a fire in your belly. A happy boss makes a happy team. Remember- enjoy!