Five ways to use document translation services to build a better business

Are you looking to build a better business as 2020 heads into 2021? If you’re planning to do so by branching out overseas, you have an excellent opportunity to get things right first time by using professional document translation. The right combination of certified document translation services and legal document translations can set you up for years of successful cross-border trading. But how can you best use such services to enhance your business? Read on to find out.

Using document translation services to build your cross-border business

Owner of Tomedes, Ofer Tirosh notes that when it comes to using document translation services, UK businesses have plenty of options that are able to serve a wide range of business purposes.

  • Partnership documentation
  • Employment contracts
  • Policy and procedure manuals
  • Marketing materials
  • Branding documents

First, let’s consider just why professional document translation is so important for businesses right now. The UK economy is forecast to contract by 10% in 2020, causing financial hardship for families and businesses alike.

Companies looking for solutions to this economic pain may well turn to overseas markets to try and grow their customer base. Doing so opens them up to vastly more customers. It also presents an opportunity to build a better business through the use of document translation services. Here’s how.

Using certified document translation services

Certified document translation services are a form of document translation that can come in particularly handy when it comes to building partnerships overseas. How do you certify a translation document? By using official document translation services provided by a professional agency. The agency will undertake the translation and provide an official certificate with it, which confirms the authenticity and accuracy of the translation.

In an overseas partnership context, this allows all parties entering into binding legal agreements to know that the documents they are signing have been translated accurately. This provides a level of confidence that is impossible to achieve by using services such as machine translation. Certified document translation services can be used for memorandums of understanding, heads of terms, partnership agreements, and all other documents that support the formation of cross-border partnerships.

Building a better business through legal document translations

Legal document translations are also instrumental in building a better multilingual business. How do I translate a legal document? For instance, you have a French company, and you are planning on extending your services to Portugal. You can contact a company that specializes in traduction du français au portugais (translation from French to Portugal), as they would be familiar with the legal system and terminology in both your own language and that of the country that you are expanding into.

Legal translation has various uses, including the translation of employment contracts. Such documents contain legal commitments on the part of both the business and the employee. As such, it’s essential that they are translated accurately. Don’t be tempted to translate legal documents online – this is an undertaking that requires the skill and attention to detail that only human translation professionals can deliver.

In addition to using legal document translations for employment contracts, businesses that want to be the best that they can be will also want to translate their policy and procedure manuals. Policies and procedures for the operational backbone of any business, ensuring a uniform approach to everything from service delivery to staffing. They also provide a framework for regulatory compliance, which is something that will need to be factored in when operating in new regions.

Using document translation to win at marketing and branding

Document translation can also relate to a wide range of marketing activities. Just as it’s important to use translators with legal experience to undertake legal document translations, so too should a marketing translator have a background in marketing.

Marketing document translation can cover everything from presentations and product brochures to entire websites. It’s a complex area of work that needs to incorporate localization (shaping copy to suit a particular region/audience) and, for digital documentation, SEO. Given that Google reports that mobile searches for “best” products and services grew by over 80% in just two years, the latter is particularly important when it comes to building a better, more successful multilingual business.

While no documents in the traditional sense, it’s worth noting that social media posts also form part of getting marketing right overseas, just as company videos do. Modern marketing services will need translators who can deliver across all of these mediums.

Finally, document translation services can help to build a better business by focusing on branding materials. Building your brand overseas presents an interesting opportunity to start afresh. Businesses take various approaches to do so, with some staying true to the original brand and others being more creative in how they present their brand internationally.

In either case, using a professional document translation service will ensure that your branding messages are delivered in the right way. This is crucial to gaining consumers’ trust in the new market. Companies can share their vision and ethos as part of their branding activity, meaning that they can stand up for what they believe in as part of the process – and hopefully attract followers in the process.

Building a better business doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, with access to high-quality certified document translation services and legal document translations, accessing overseas markets has become much easier. Whether you sell products or services, you have the option to use professional document translation to transform your business – and not just in terms of its bottom line.