Getting the Internet to Pay You

For many people, the internet is something which makes them spend money instead of something which they can use to get some money off of. Sure, there’s free Wi-Fi available just about anywhere you go these days, but in one way or the other it costs a bit of money to just connect. In addition, you end up buying stuff online, some of which you’re justified in buying since you probably need them and it just works out that much more conveniently to buy online. It can even work out cheaper to buy online, but all too often people end up buying stuff they don’t really need online, especially if it has something to do with those “make money online” e-books, programmes, or “systems” of some sort.


But how do you turn the tables though? How do you get the internet to pay you instead of having the World Wide Web function as a vacuum into which you keep throwing your money, whether you’re buying things you need or not?

Monetise what YOU do online

You’ve probably heard quite a bit about ways through which to make money online through the likes of affiliate marketing, yet have you ever actually met an affiliate marketer / affiliate seller who actually makes a good living online? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They exist alright, but the ones that do make it big don’t feel the need to announce it to the world, quite simply because they don’t need to. So I think it’s clear that I’m leaning towards affiliate selling as a means through which to get the internet to pay you, but before you turn away thinking this is leading up to just another sales pitch, consider the fact that I won’t indeed be offering you anything to buy from me. I’m merely sharing some insight I picked up while going about my business of blogging and exploring the various detours my specific niche would naturally have in store for me.

So getting back to the action of monetising what you already do online, this can be anything really, even something like playing the lottery online. Think about the process of you playing the lotto online. It’s straight-forward enough, but the potential for your monetisation of this action goes beyond being inline to win the jackpot. I mean what are the odds of that right?

The monetisation potential lies in considering just how many other people just like you play the lotto online. If you can find a way to get all those people to buy their tickets through your affiliate link, such as that which you can generate through the affiliate programme, you can get the internet to pay you for doing nothing further.

The challenge is coming up with an incentive to get people to do what they already do online through you, but ultimately that’s how to win at what has proven to be the very difficult game of affiliate marketing.

Otherwise the internet is bursting at the seams with all the money floating around and changing hands. All that’s left is for you to get a little creative in trying to get your slice of the huge, huge pie!