How the right signage can increase sales

“Build it and they will come!” It is a famous quote but sadly when it comes to customers, it is not always true. The reality is that we all have to work very hard for sales these days, and there are some important tools that you can use that can increase your sales without being labour intensive. One of the most important ways to do this is by looking at your signage, as there are often better ways to take advantage of it.

Sales from signage

One of the most important things that signage can do for your business is to make it visible. Whether it is the sign above your door, signs in windows or even boards that you can position in the street, these signs can shout at your customers to let them know that you are there. Not only that, it can also help them to understand exactly what you offer and give them a reason to set foot inside.

Illuminated and digital signs are a great way to catch people’s attention as they tend to stand out from their surroundings. They also allow you to change the wording on the signage, meaning that you can promote offers, play on current affairs or inject a sense of humour to your signage. You can visit the website here to learn more about the advantages of using digital signage for the business.

Choosing the right font in important as it can say a lot about your business. Choose wisely though, as some fonts which might look beautiful and fancy can often be difficult to read, especially from a distance, which then defeats the object of what you are trying to achieve.

When it comes to signage, size matters! You need to consider how your signage will be positioned in order to determine how far away it needs to be seen from. The bigger the sign, the greater the distance from which you can attract new customers. Always take an outsider’s opinion when it comes to such things. As customers, they might give their honest judgments when it comes to installing these boards for better outreach. Likewise, you might also find it helpful to look over Milwaukee Custom Signage Services and the features they provide, to get a better idea of the quality of work you can expect from companies that specialize in signage.

Signage is not just for the outside of your business; it is important inside too. You can direct people to certain shelves, highlight promotions that are too good to miss and control where customers pay attention to.

Signage psychology

Signage has an obvious function of telling people what you do, but it also tells them what type of business you are. Everything from the fonts, colours and materials used in your sign can tell a customer whether your business is fun, elegant, practical or serious without saying a word. This covers all forms part of your brand, which can be a big factor in consumer buying decisions. Your signage can carry a consistent style and message throughout your entire business, and this can then be replicated in your advertising.

Life is nothing without a little colour, and a colour wheel can be a useful tool in deciding what you should use in your signage. By choosing colours which are opposite each other on the wheel, you are opting for complementary colours which give strong contrast and a dramatic effect. For something more subtle, choose colours that are either side of that colour’s complementary colour to find a primary colour.

Professionally made signage is important if you want your business to be taken seriously, and make sure that you get the right sort of attention. It can also improve workflow in certain sectors. For example, healthcare digital signage can be used as a directory, donor board, safety procedure instruction, and a lot more. Your signage maker can guide you in creating something that works for your sector based on your requirements.

Signage is one of your greatest sales tools, so make sure that you give it the full and proper attention that it deserves. Once you get it right, you will attract not only more customers to your business, but the right ones too!

Author Bio

Malcolm Judson is the Managing Director at Judsons Signs, specialists in sign making for schools and commercial and retail spaces. Judsons Signs manage the entire sign making process, from design and manufacturing to installation.