How To Become A Professional Pipe Welder


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Professional pipe welders can earn a fantastic wage. Indeed, it is one of the best trades in the world. That is because there are so many different applications for people with the right skills. We’re going to highlight a couple of ways in which you can get your training in this post. Hopefully, the information should point you in the right direction. There are some official qualifications for those working in that industry. However, most people get work through experience. Work experience, knowing your tools, such as owning the best welding accessories and using tricks of the trade are sure ways to get you on your way to being in a job. With all that in mind, let’s take a look at the best way to become a pipe welder today.

Contact your local college

As we just said, there are official qualifications for professional welders. Depending on where you live in the world, you might need different certificates. The best thing to do is get in touch with your local college. The team working there will have access to all the information you require. Presuming you want to take that route, you should get yourself on a course as soon as possible. On average, it can take two years to gain your qualification. You will spend at least some of that time performing practical work.

Start an apprenticeship

Those of you who don’t want to undertake a full-time college course might consider an apprenticeship. That would allow you to earn a reasonable wage while gaining all the skills you require. You just need to get in touch with relevant companies and ask about the schemes they run. In most instances, you will still have to attend college at least once each week. However, earning while you learn is usually considered preferable. Once you’ve got all the skills required, you could seek better-paid work. Some welders even register themselves as self-employed. Just make sure you have a good CV before making that move. Otherwise, you might struggle to get work.

Work your way up

Presuming you can’t find an apprenticeship, all is not lost. You can still get involved in the industry using alternative means. For instance, some of you might consider getting a job as a laborer. So long as you’re working for a relevant company, there should be opportunities to progress. If you show willing, the boss might offer to train you in pipe welding. Once you have those skills, you could apply for jobs with lots of other firms. Even the military employs welding contractors to help with their armoured vehicles. The possibilities are endless.

As you can see from the information presented, there are lots of ways you can become a welder. You just need to focus on your goal and work out which path is best for you. Getting qualifications makes sense if you’re still young. However, mature workers would probably benefit from experience in the industry. When all’s said and done, that job could help you to provide a stable means of income for your family. Just bear in mind that you might have to work away to earn the big bucks.

All you have to do now is take the first step!