How to Choose an Agency to Redesign Your Website

Finding a good web design agency is seldom easy. You might already have experience with this and perhaps things didn’t go according to plan. Maybe you’ve simply outgrown the agency you worked with before and you’re looking for a more experienced and professional team to help you implement an effective redesign.

Regardless of your reason, a website redesign should be approached strategically to ensure that the significant investment of time, money, and resources you put into making it happen doesn’t go to waste. Here are some key factors to consider that will help you find the best agency to redesign your website.

Investigate Their Track Record

Take a moment to browse through the portfolios of your prospective agencies. If they don’t have one to begin with, it’s time to look elsewhere. For those that do have a few websites under their belt, consider their style and design.

Are they unique and creative? Are they fast, responsive and functional? Do they have custom themes that are easy to navigate? Most importantly, would you put your name on that website?

Ask the agency whether they can send you testimonials or references from past customers. Be sure to follow up on these; not only to check whether they’re real but also to ask about what it’s like to work with that agency.

Reach out to Them

How a design agency manages your call or email will give you a good idea of the way they handle their clients. Do they show genuine interest in your business or do they just provide a generic quote? Are their solutions relevant to your company? If they don’t take the time to tailor their service to your business, you might risk ending up with a copy/paste job.

Look at Their own Website

Of course, a web design agency’s own website says a great deal about what you can expect from them. Take a look at this London-based WordPress Agency for an idea of how a well-designed website should look. Design elements are fluid, unique, and engaging.

Load times are short and you can easily find all the information you’re looking for. You’re able to view a large portfolio of past clients, their contact details are easily accessible, and you can quickly get an idea of the services they offer. Keep these factors in mind when browsing an agency’s website.

Enquire About Their Terms and Conditions

Asking about an agency’s terms and conditions will give you a better idea of what to expect and help you avoid problems further down the line. This includes enquiring about hidden costs, such as holding and set up fees.

Ask if updates and maintenance are included in their fees and if bug fixes are charged for. Ask them about who owns the source code and whether you’ll receive a copy of the source files. Be sure to also ask whether files get backed up.


How the agency responds to your enquiries and how transparent they are will go a long way in helping you determine whether you should work with them. Finally, don’t forget that if you want a website that will work for your business, you have to be willing to invest.