How to Decide Which Career is the Right One for You!

Careers. One of the biggest stresses of modern day life. How do we know that the career we have is the one we’re supposed to have? How do we know we couldn’t be doing something better, something more meaningful? The truth is, nobody really knows if they’re on the right track. Very few people are where they want to be when it comes to their careers, unfortunately. If you don’t want to waste any more time doing the wrong thing, use this guide to decide which career is the right one for you:

Note Down Things You’re Interested In

It only makes sense to go for a career that you’re genuinely interested in. Work will take up a lot of your time, so you must really love it to be satisfied with your life overall. Write down everything you’re interested in, no matter how unlikely it may seem. For instance; cats, fitness, reading, making cards, etc. You can then think of possible careers/business ideas. Just let your mind run wild and don’t let anything put you off. Just write it all down. If you can’t think of possible careers, get on to a job site for ideas. There are also job sites that specialise in one specific industry, like accountancy recruiters. You have lots of choice!

Think of Things You Could Talk About All Day

When you can talk about something all day long, you know that it’s a huge passion of yours. There may be things that you’re interested in that you just wouldn’t enjoy working with. Some things are better kept as hobbies. However, if there’s something that gets you so excited you could talk all day long, it’s a big contender to be your next career.

What Makes You Lose Track of Time?

Albert Einstein would get so wrapped up in his work he’d lose track of time. It makes sense really; you shouldn’t be clock watching if you enjoy your job. If there’s something that makes you lose track of time, it could be that this is your ‘calling in life’.


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Consider Your Skills

Obviously, your skills need to come into your decision somewhere down the line. Consider the skills you have and the careers that would suit these. You can develop certain skills of course, so don’t feel you’re limited to the skills you have currently.

Where Do You See Yourself in 5, 10, and 20 Years Time?

What’s your vision for 5,10, and 20 years time? Where do you see yourself? If you’re not on the right path to get there now, reconsider what you’re doing. Write down the steps you need to take to get to where you want to be and take them. You’ll only look back and regret it if you don’t!

Use these tips to find the right career for you. Remember, it’s ok not to find the ‘perfect’ career right away. You need to do a few things that aren’t right to find the things that are!